Video of Eve Play

Here’s a random question. Does anyone know of some good video screen capture tool for Eve play? I’d like to be able to video my combat for later analysis. I tried EZVid. It doesn’t work too well unless I don’t know how to use it. Which is entirely possible, I’m not familiar with this type of tech.

Be nice if it is very easy to use, and freeware. Thanks.

Edit: I sort of got EZVid to work. But still… any other suggestions would be appreciated

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OBS is very popular and well respected as far as I know.



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Thanks again. Just tried it out. 1000% better than EZVid.

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Glad to read it worked out for you and good luck with improving your PvP abilities!


use OBS to record and use Windows Movie Maker for an editor at first and trying to save up money for a good one

do not use EZVid it’s malware

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Lovely, thanks

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