Since New Launcher OBS no longer records

Ok, this is a strange one, but I believe it is something to do with the latest graphics changes and or the launcher.

Since 19.09 and the many problems reported via Linux users, I can no longer capture the EVE window for recording video with OBS.

This must be due to some change to the window graphics engine, maybe due to the Mac Changes to the client or otherwise.

Why? I can capture full deskop (which I do not want to do btw) but I can no longer capture video with OBS using game client capture - all I get is the audio stream and no video.

Why? Anyone have any ideas?

I’m sure it’s all related (graphically) as this is what is affecting ProtonDB for Linux.

It’s possibly related to the hooking (I use Windows btw for my sins… sad) but also maybe due to the way that the graphics layer is impemented now.

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