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I’m starting to play with the idea of capturing video in eve. Anyone been using a Mac for this have any tips?

Unless you have access to Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas, the only thing I can suggest is

I am trying to figure this out for myself lately and as soon as I managed to active the accelerated recording, I can make videos again.

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There are multiple options for recording Eve.

iShowU HD will allow you to capture video. The company is in the process of upgrading their software. You can find it here

The second option is to use Quicktime to capture the screen. You will need to download Soundflower and install it. You can read about it here

You don’t need Premiere to edit. Final Cut Pro X is cheaper and frankly easier to use.
Premiere Rush is super easy to use. Either way, capturing video is super easy.

If you want to capture Discord and Eve at the same time, you need to configure Discord so that the audio is going through Soundflower. You won’t be able to talk on Discord, as your audio input is going straight into Soundflower.

I will say this, capturing video on Eve is slow and time consuming. And it takes up loads of hard disk space. I tend to use an alt as the POV and have my other ship fly towards it. But this takes a bit of practice and lots of time, as well as two Omega accounts.

Reach out if you have other questions.

why not just use iMovie. its free for all Mac owners.

iMovie isn’t a robust editor. It will work but, I haven’t used it in over ten years.

It’s made of lot of improvements over the years. I used it over the years. Yes, it isn’t as great as final cut pro or other apps, but the current version is a lite version of Final Cut Pro basically. I made some recruitment videos with it for a former alliance I was in, worked very well for that.

AMD relive to capture/Adobe to compress.

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