Animation/Recording/Replay tools

It’s known there was a tool named “EVE Probe” ( which isn’t current nowadays. Is there any soft/tool that has ability to make animated movies using an EVE’s graphic engine?
For the best example there is “Source Filmmaker” for Source Engine games. As Source has SFM, is there any soft to EVE? Maybe replay tools with free camera?

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It is known.

Apologize I have nothing constructive to add, but the GoT reference was burning my brain.
Consider this a bump.

btw i’m russian so my eng is quite poor so i use turnovers that i remember :3 Damn is that really standing out?

Was not criticizing your English.
It’s a phrase used frequently in the TV series (and books) Game of Thrones.
If you have access to it I highly recommend it.

Your English is MUCH better than my Russian.

Edit: sorry I detailed your thread

You mean derailed but deTailed makes it quite funny.

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