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Greetings all!

I was wondering if the community could help me out with some questions. I am unfamiliar with how these videos like Rooks and Kings had done in the pass for media to replay battles and explain what was going on. Being machinima I am wondering if this is all just screen capture recording that are stitched together to tell a story or if a more sophisticated tool is out there.

Like for example say you were playing for a few hours and you wanted to record all actions that were sent to you like XYZ coordinates and action triggers that were observable from your area and be able to replay them again. Maybe another way to explain this possibly is those who have played RTS games and MOBAs and a small text file is created with all the interactions that occurred during gameplay to replay at a later date. Is this something that is in use out there by the media makers for Eve or is this a pipe dream of something that could be?

Beyond machinima making for recounting battles on social media this may be really cool for those that would like to go back and analyze what happened from past victories and mistakes.

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There is a CREST feed of particular fights, for example, these Alliance Tournament battles that play out in a 3D representation:

However, there is nothing for normal gameplay that I’m aware of and there is no way to replay it as ingame video, nor to move the camera to somewhere else that you haven’t directly recorded yourself.

Rooks and Kings (and others) just have great story tellers and digital creatives.

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