Cinematic replay?

Ok, another real bad take from ya least favorite person on this forum…but…

would it be possible to make a button that would save/record the events that happen in the pocket you’ve jumped to and let you take it offline to see the battlefield from multiple view points? something akin to total war’s replay battle function?

The reason I ask/suggest is for the sake of the youtube community, i feel if they had that tool in their belts, we’d see some pretty amazing new youtube content related to eve and it might even help bring new people into the game to try to recapture the feel they got from the video…which would more likely than not include a surplus of new pvp players.

I dont know, I thought it’d be a neat thing…not sure how hard it’d be to record a thing like that though with the ability to free cam through the pocket…if it’s even possible…

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There’s been some suggestion to have a simulator to allow new players to experience some of the legendary pvp battles in eve, such as B-R. Obviously the agility to record and playback would be an adjacent feature, that could aid in the same sort of content.

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