Servants of Eve discovered Memory Recall

Introduction: Servants of eve in desperate need to learn about their looses on battle with pirates outside their stations, the top council commissioned the development of a technique using deep meditation. A new Skill called Memory Recall (Memory/Perception, 4x) allow pilots to replay the last few seconds of battle before your ship or clone was destroyed to learn about the tactics and future course of action in similar scenarios. The skill may allow you to replay the last 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds of your last encounter and store it in a microchip to be played in a station or sold on the marked so other can treasure those epic moments. Only pilots directly involved in your kill mail will show up.
Since PVP is one of the main “mini games”, a feature like this would be great for streamers and content creators, allowing the spectator to see the battles from different points of view, appreciate the pilot skills and watch the amazing animations the game has, very hard to see live. The kill mails is a PVP sub mini game, so this would be a new feed for that community of collectors, now you could see the history not just the end.
Who wants this come true?

… if ccp ever got to the point that such a thing could be implemented, tying it to a skill and limiting it to a max of 30s would be beyond dumb

I was thinking on limiting the time to limit the file sizes for this “record”, it would take some server resources to store it and also to recreate the math behind the scene. Beside, I would say 80% of the pvp fights last less than 30 secs. Using a skill is to limit the feature for Omegas, someone has to pay for this extra servers and terabytes.

so, I have loads of saved videos I went to look at.

In my solo pvp folder, where the vast majority of those videos are t1 frig fights. The shortest is just under 40s most are over 90. and the last 30s are generally just waiting for the loser to die the event(s) that won or lost the fight happening much sooner.

Or, now hear me out, just make it an omega locked feature? also considering you are looking for a dynamic playback where you can change points of view its not videos being stored. If CCP wanted to implement something like that it would store the logs in a compressed text format then use the engine to play that log back. You would be looking at kilobits of data not terabytes.

The problem is, eve was not built with this in mind and that would require some major gutting and over haul.

So like i said if eve wanted to implement a feature like this, they way you suggested would be a poor way of going about it.

Actually it might not be so hard. There was something in a dev blog not too long about the mechanism that is use in the activity tracker. Putting something in that recorded all that is needed might not be too hard. That said, I could also be totally wrong. Not a feature I would have much use for, so not really interested in seeing dev time go to it.

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