EVE PVP - an epiphany

I’m a little slow. Been playing EVE Online for about 8 years total since 2008. Straight through since 2012, and appreciate this tech (but aging I guess) wonder of the world and the crazy people in it… But I just realized why people don’t get immersed in Eve PVP. I’m speaking from a solo PVP perspective, not an easier-randomer fleets perspective.

The reason it’s hard for people to get immersed in PVP is it takes a lot of knowledge and retention of information to win. That ship has kitey bonuses, this one has drones bonuses, that one among the selection is fast/brawly/kitey/shieldy/armor reppy, etc. How would anybody know? Except for careful education/study, or the words of a beneficient benefactor. It’s like being in a WWII submarine, and plotting plans toward risky combats.

But… human minds don’t think like sub commander minds that much, do they? They’re not so good at studying ink profiles of ships and memorizing their silhouettes and optimal ranges, eh? But battles are won by soldiers and sailors having the morale to get up and feeling good about punching heads, be brave, I heard the mission and here goes.

That’s the thing that’s missing in Eve Online. It’s a beautifully crafted system. But it doesn’t incorporate the ‘hoka hey’ way that people in tribes or clans really do things. Xx1000s of submarine aces has been good, but :slight_smile:


Were you perhaps drunk when you wrote this?


You weren’t drunk when you read it… :wink:


Well not completely drunk


You are slow, arent you. If it took you 8 years to come to the completely opposite and mistaken realization, you must be really slow indeed.

If youve ever actually done some PVP, you would know that you dont know until youve engaged. If a ship has kitey bonuses, it can still be a brawler fit. Even with drone bonuses, it can be a neuting ship. You never know until you engage.

Right click on enemy ship and click “show info”.

I guess you never realized you could do this in the 8 years you were playing? This shows you all the information about the ship.

Neither do most eve players. And yet we get through PVP fine without it.

This problem of yours where you are incapable of memorizing every single aspect of every single ship and modules, isnt something that prevents most of us from being atleast decent in PVP. I certainly dont remember it all, only general things like " merlin is usually shield tanked". Otherwise, i have no idea if he is kitey or brawler until i engage him.

Its certainly possible that youre just an idiot, who cant remember a ship even if you had just fitted and flown it 5 minutes ago. But maybe its time to stop soloing, and start talking to other people? You seem to be very poorly informed. Talking to other people will fix that for you. Learning from other people will fix that for you.


Savage lol

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Well of course I was drunk when I wrote that. When else do people have epiphanies and bother to lecture people about them?

I missed saying that I was talking about solo or very small gang PVP. Those turn into mostly application of numerical values vs. the opponent’s application of his numerical values. Very challenging, for sure. But humans and primates have never battled that way much (aside from modern behind the scenes specialists-- but they don’t pay much subscription money). The average gamer is looking for something that approximates combat modes the way their DNA drives them want to look for combat. Among hardcore wargamers, there are Grand Strategy, Strategic, Operational, Tactical, and Micro-Tactical games. All appeal to a current mindset along the spectrum of interests. But Eve solo/small gang PVP-- it’s technician/mathematician/psychologist-like. No complaints, it’s a fine challenge, everyday.

Still, I still think the model is kind of ‘robotic’ and specialized. As was intended in the inspired beginning. But going back to what was originally said-- the PVP model is specialized, so a little hard for the basic primate to trigger his instincts into.

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You nullbears in blob fleets might have time for that, mate. In lowsec, nobody’s rrright-clicking anything in a 10-sec fight.

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If youre dying in 10 seconds, somethings wrong with your ship. I cant even self destruct that fast.

No, no, we have brains, we inferred that.

Primates, probably not. Humans, almost always. Have you ever heard of world war 2? Do you think Hitler and Franklin D Roosevelt sent out troops one by one, and had them fight in a duel or something?

Yeah. I heard Call of duty is now Duel mode. 1v1 maps only. Starcraft 2? 1v1. No more team 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 anymore.

The new Call of duty Black Ops 4? Its 1v1. Its just the same 2 people coming out again and again.

All the other people you see, are fake. Its actually only 1v1.

World of warcraft, has only 1 man raids. 1 man dungeons. Its all solo play.

This is a part of a genre of video games called SMORPG, or Single multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

Its all single player now.

This guy seems to be doing fine.

Are you still drunk?

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What for fook’s sake could possibly be your point? Esplain me Lucy.

Yes I mostly agree you have to know alot by memory before the fight even starts most of the players of EVE will never realize this as they get told to go there do that for many years

And than comes a nanobrutix with rails and kills your svipul. So what?

Are you talking to me? or are you still drunk.

Interesting… I’d say that EVE PVP epiphany will come to you, when you’ll roam Low- or Null-Sec for a while in a BS or something more expensive. It motivates players to open so many topics into Suggestions chapter, but nah, I’m lazy, no way, to much personal time investments for nothing.

Yes, and yes. Are you still right-clicking ships and reading up about them while slow-motion blob pvp? While also viewing prawn images?

Kinda yes, and yes.

Kinda yes, because i dont have to right click ships to read up on them. Im not an idiot, so i dont have to look at a ships info to know the general info i need to fight it.

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Alright then! May your and my wives, children, grandfathers and grandmothers, goats, chickens, guinea fowl and yard dogs forever prosper!

You have more than one wife? Good for you.

[quote=“Solonius_Rex, post:5, topic:105284”]
Right click on enemy ship and click “show info” . . . This shows you all the information about the ship.[/quote]

Is all the information there or isn’t it?

About the ship, yes. About the fittings, no. A ship is separate from its fittings. Anyone can buy the ship, but everyone will fit it differently.