My experience as 2 month old char of eve online so far

Hey, so eve looks cool the combat system feels amazing and love pvp but I’m finding it incredibly hard to support my self isk wise and felt forced to spend real money on bundles and stuff which I have bought a few of, but I feel if I cant at least try to support my self with some type of pve then eve will become to expensive in RL to justify playing and will feel like maybe another game will be more appealing. Don’t get me wrong I dont mind supporting CCP for this great game but there needs to be a balance and right now there doesn’t seem to be one.

Anyways so atm I’m trying low sec Caldari faction warfare and abyss my style that I am going for is caldari hybrid so merlin, corm, harpy, moa, ferox, eagle and so on. I wanted to not waste time so I’ve been recording a lot of data while playing to try and optimize my time and here are my records(at the bottom).

This Teir system seems silly to me and feels very oppressive for joining Caldari, I like their law and feel like I want to stay with them but the difference in sustainable pvp is huge! it makes me feel like an idiot for wanting to stay. But then I think to my self if I am thinking this then what if everyone always wants to go to the winning side because they feel forced by logic?

For a game style that supports pvp it seems counter intuitive to drive everyone onto 1 side of the war as then there would be less pew.

So I thought maybe I could do abyss running to support my pvp actions and use fw just for the fights… and no I just ended up loosing hundreds of hard earned millions.

The eagle and moa I had to do on the test server as I didn’t have it skilled and wanted to see if it was worth skilling into it and had to do this weird thing where I would overtank a harpy run a c6 frig abyss just the first room kill the can loot and /moveme out just to get a bunch of abyssal mods to sell for billions on the market so I could buy some skill injectors as I didn’t have the isk for them xD anyways…

After all this work it seems not worth it and now I’m considering just switching sides to gallente, is there something I’m doing wrong or is it just ridiculously hard to earn isk in this game as a 2 month old char.

Apparently I’m only allowed 1 picture so I have to do it all in one go…sorry about this.


it is very silly


If you don’t wish to be always pvping in negative isk balance when starting off you could mine some days set a production blueprint for the frigate hulls you want to pvp with then only needing to purchase modules and fittings. Which could ease that burden of not having enough isk.

With Eve Online there are slow moments and some things like Planet Production can generate isk to then play the market game of buying low and selling high.

In time you could even earn the trust to be a part of a large corp and all your pvp ships are supplied to support their goals in New Eden.


When I joined Eve, which was along time ago, I remember running around the house as a 50 year old chuffed to rocks that after several hard weeks of playing I made my first million.

I remember buying my first T2 mod (Invul field) and being proud as f%$£ as I fitted it to my cormorant.

I also remember getting my first Raven after 3 or 4 months of playing and being able to finally run a level 4… and nearly shitting myself when I came close to losing it on my first mission

I remember seeing my first carrier, camping a gate in Pure Blind and squealing like a piggy over coms as we formed a gang and tried to kill it, unsuccessfully. :woozy_face:

I remember defending a POS in my first alliance war, when POS’s equalled sov, 27 days of reinforce, defend, rep, repeat, 24/7 fighting - those 27 days seemed like a lifetime and when we finally lost it I was gutted for weeks

I have so many memories of Eve as I passed various milestones, not because they were in their own right memorable but because they were hard graft to reach, sometimes painfully so, and when I did finally hit them, for better or worse, I really felt like I had achieved something special.

Sadly, with plex and injectors, I’m suspect many new players will never experience the emotions and rewards associated with the ups and downs of Eve as I, and other players prior to pay to play, have. I really dont expect you to understand this or relate with it, but I would like to just say sometimes the easy route isnt always the best longterm. Sometimes it pays to spend hours grinding isk, waiting for that skill to finally finish, experiencing the heartache of losing a ship which will take weeks to replace,

Stick with it, take the tough road, enjoy and remember your milestones and dont feel like you are being forced into purchasing plex / injectors to be able to achieve anything. The only person whose really pressuring you to do that is yourself. (and CCP :angry:)

As for your question concerning faction warfare, havent a clue mate, years since Ive done that :grinning:

If you still stick it out, message me in a month or so and let me know how’s its going, I’d be genuinely interested to know where the road has taken you. Wishing you all the best o7


Stay out of injectors, it’s a trap.


This is a good post.

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It’s not so much that it’s hard…it’s more whether one actually has the time available. I simply could not be bothered mining for 50 to 100 hours to get 1bn ISK that is about £11 of rl money. That’s the total value of the 60 or so ships that I have, scattered across Eve. People may call this ‘pay to win’…but that’s silly, as you are ‘paying’ far more in terms of time otherwise. And my time is not a free and endless commodity.


Yea, that is where my mind is as well once you do the math you feel that you are wasting time grinding isk instead of just working a bit of over time and buying plex but once you start buying plex you wonder why you are playing the game in the first place lol, kinda wish there was no way to buy in-game currency then it doesn’t devalue the grind and the game.

Like skins, game time and stuff are fine in my mind as its a way to support CCP but “Plex” and “injector’s” damn… its like drugs feels good at the time, but makes you feel like ■■■■ a few days after buying it.

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i mean im the faction warfare guy but EVE is a landfill design , they build stuff on top of other stuff and them they say its impossible to fix
“legacy code” you know etc … i did a topic a year ago about that problem you mentioned with all kinds of suggestions

"i don’t want anybody else wen i think about me i quote myself " :musical_note:


I will have a look at your suggestions:

I kind of wish lvl 3 fw missions payed maybe 15% less than 4’s as I wanted to do them in a pvp fit harpy so that anyone warping in to disrupt me I could just fight but the isk/h is way to low on lvl 3 missions to be worth running and 4’s the npcs have so much tank and damage that I feel like I have to make a pve ship to do them and then I cannot take fights which again seems counter - intuitive.

And I see people running 4’s atm in these uncatchable destroyers, If 3’s are buffed I would hope that those destroyers could not enter as they do not promote pvp.

The tier thing seems way to much I wish they make tier 1 100% and tier 5 maybe 160%, I dont mind making 60% less than my enemies that have taken the time to take and upgrade systems but 3x less is just depressing.

I was thinking that logically the lp value would balance this out but that does not seem to be the case both caldari and gallente are getting about 1.2 to 1.6 isk/lp atm :confused:

they need to do individual rewards and group rewards

individual rewards +20% LP tops for
-number of kills in the militia
-systems capture in the militia
-time on the militia

etc, to make the player have some fidelity for amarr for example

and team rewards +20% LP tops for
-team that is wining , kinda like today

that way a veteran on the loosing militia would earn -20% LP tops less than a veteran in the winning militia
or the same as a novice in the wining militia
not 800% more , thats silly

they also have to buff the amount earned by capturing a system A LOT , because nowadays we do it just for love, the prize is close to 0

and make the LP store sell different itens , maybe a adaptive , by algorithm , store , that way one LP is not the same as other LP, nowadays the guy that is winning buy the same stuff but have waaaay more LP

last they need to TAKE OUT FW missions because all it do is attract multi boxers in uncatchable t3 destroyers making ludicrous LP and contributing 0 to the war effort

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That sounds amazing, I would be spamming fw hard if what you say comes true, right now I try to stop people from capturing a system but there is no one there helping it seems like everyone has gone to the gallente side.

Would be nice if you get bonus lp for kills while defending in a high % contested system.
Also would be nice if neutrals that enter a plex while your taking it give lp for their death too, right now the pvp is good but because they don’t give lp it seems like taking that fight only leads to being poor lol.

Like I wanted to join the arena with assault frigs but I make so little isk right now I can’t really join, I could probably buy 2 af’s with my money loose both as they are probibly better than me then be dead broke lol.

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lol is this normal holy moly, its funny becuase what got me into Eve was the advertising saying how hardcore it was then I see these perfectly safe destroyers that are un-catchable and I’m wondering if Eve’s advertising is the same as the actual game play.

Maybe I’m just bad but I really cannot catch these things I have tried.

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Interesting thanks, I thought it was hypothetically impossible to catch with their sub 2 sec align times. Was he afk thou, if not what was your strategy for catching him if you don’t mind me asking?

Here’s a better one:

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How much scan res do you need btw? nvm going to try and do some documenting and see thanks this is exciting!

totally normal , multi box jackdaws and dramiels ■■■■■■■ FW farming missions

i beg to differ your majesty , there is a warp trick to insta warp and this guys use cheap LS fits to multi box 10000 missions
its kinda diferent of a la la la carefree HS bear

They are literally the exact same people.

if you say so who am i to say no

The real trick here is to stop chasing the Jackaw, and let the Jackdaw come to you.