Returning Player Experience - what "Eve Online" have to offer?

It was long time. Long, long time outside of galaxy. Long enough to forget almost everything connected with game …

Now i’m back … and i start to understand why i leaved …

Ok, i managed to make new account. Day first and i don’t have to pay … nice :))) I can take a look at game from the inside and decide … i want to play, or not … and pay eventually little later. Tutorial is fun, those career agents are giving nice start. I’m enjoying playing a lot … after all, i like space-based games. One of gm’s write “pm” to me, he is offering help. I’m enjoying conversation with him, but slowly i recognize more and more game elements, which i forgot …so i inform him, that i’m ok and i should be fine.

Game is fun, so i decided to buy omega. I see starter discount, so … why not ? :))) This alpha account looks great, ( after reading description i quickly calculate, that i could play very, very long time without need to buy omega ) but as i wirted above, i have fun playing and there is discount so, why not ? ^^

I look at main game chats … one guy is writing something about pvp, and that he can’t find targets, all of this followed by some text about “care bears” … yes … i remember, eve is highly pvp focused game … no problem, i was playing in many pvp games, pvp is nothing new for me.

Meanwhile i’m doing a mission, and i’m trying to figure out what this module do with my ship … this one is afterburner, gives speed, icon makes things easier … but, this one ? hmm … let’s read description … i understand the needs of this guy from chat, but sorry … can’t help with that now.

I understand ( and remeber from past ), that most of this people have few years of experience inside the game, they have 3th party programs, they know about internet sites with thons of information about game, which make things much easier for them … i don’t want start my game from too much reading or 3th party programs. For now … i’m not match for guys like he is.

I’ve managed to find corporation. Same noob’s as i am :))) It’s fun to talk with my new corpmates, we share similiar level of game knowledge and same starter problems to solve.

Mission running is fun, but i’ve received this “Venture” ship from mission, so … let’s do some mining … maybe i could create some ammo for myself. Oh … industry, science … let’s take a closer look … wow … i see some changes … the more i look at changes, the more i’m pleased … it’s looking awesome … and those new “upwell” structures :)) great ^^

Ok, back to mining … i need better mining lasers. Maybe i could buy some. Hmmm … i need 2 and … there is offer with 2 in the same “career agent” station in which i’m docked. Click and buy … do i have it ? Offer is still visible, but … i just buyed it, right ? What is going on ? I’m checking my inventory. I have those mining lasers, but offer is still there. Slowly i’m starting to understand … bot … trading bot … he instantly replaced offer which i clicked … omg, really ?

Pvp is pvp, ships or market are only tools, doesn’t matter which one you use, it’s still a fight, and some people can’t resist to have unfair advantage.

The more i play the more pvp is coming … i even met one guy, which was so pvp hungry, that he decided to tease with people in chat window, just to piss them off. It was obvious, what he’s doing … and i must say, that people was falling into his trap, he was successful …

Finally i start to understand, that “Eve” have reached point, which many other pvp games reached, which is …

… fight is not equal any longer.

Why ? … Same problem as everywhere … some players are “hardcore” players, they spend a lot of time inside game and with time they created many tools which make things much, much more easier for them … some, like myself, they have 2 - 3 hrs evening … players like myself, can’t keep up … acceleration of game knowledge and skill is so big, that it’s not possible. I really don’t want spend whole my day just to keep up …

Some pvp games are trying to prevent this problem and they create “ranks” or other tools to separate skilled players from newbies. Famous newbie zones or other ways … but, let’s be honest … if i play “relaxed” game 2 - 3 hours per day i never be a match for someone who is playing 8 hours using few accounts. I want play a game, not to create part time job from my online activity, just to be successul …

… and even if i enjoy playing, those “skilled” players are working hard to make my experience unpleasant as much as it is possible. Some of them are wondering, why i don’t want to participate and play with them …

I can say only … look , even in real life you don’t tell 60 kg weight boxer to fight with 120 kg boxer … you don’t tell kid to fight with adult … they are on another level …

I started to dream about PvE Eve server … i like game, but i don’t want to be a cannon fodder for those more skilled, 9/10 it’s lost fight … and please don’t write to me “how i can get better”, i have other things to do too and some i do even during playing, i can’t participate in 12 hours long fight or something like that … i’m not this kind of player.

So … what “Eve” has to offer for player like me ?


Try abyssals. I came back recently and I’m enjoying them a lot. They’re basically high risk, high reward instanced pve.

There is no such thing as a fair fight. If you picked a fair fight, you picked the wrong fight. That’s the biggest part of the PvP game, picking and choosing your battles. Do your best to avoid fights your opponent has the upper hand, and don’t engage unless you stack the odds in your favor.

2-3 hours per evening is plenty of time. You just can’t spend 2-3 hours running PvE missions and expect to get any PvP experience. Use your time wisely.

Honestly, it sounds like EVE doesn’t have a lot to offer you. It sounds more like you’re interested in a single player game. EVE is an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game, where the interaction between players is integral to the game.

My suggestion is to stop worrying about losses and go get yourself blown up. Get a cheap ship or ten, run out and see what happens. The reason that guy is in local is successfully trapping other players is because he’s trying. If you go into local and strike up a conversation (or talk trash) you’ll get more experience in an hour than you would in a whole week of silently mining or ratting.

Time and experience are correlated, but not dependent. You can get a lot more experience with your limited time if you worry less about outcomes and do more experimenting. Good luck!


OP is complaining about PvP in EVE even though they haven’t even been attacked yet.

This is what we’re down to, now. There’s barely any PvP left in the game, and people are now complaining about it as a concept.


@John_Solas Thanks for information
@tutucox_Khamsi hehe … encouraging
@Kelon You’ve writed many interesting things, thanks for reply … and maybe you’re right, that i could be more interested in single player game.
@Destiny_Corrupted yes, it’s more about concept … but “complaining” ? I wasn’t sure … should i write this post ? I just wanted to share my personal experience

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eve is a single shard mmo with pvp and hard death mechanics
if you don’t like it try other games
you don’t have to catch up
thats the magic of the sandbox you make your own fun
i play solo in a very risky play stile , i get blown up A LOT
you don’t even appear on ZKILL
spare us plz
there is 1000000000 topics just like yours

But you didn’t have an “experience” yet. Unless you’re going to tell us that someone killed you, it seems weird that you would talk about more experienced players and the advantages they have over you, and ask for a PvE server.

You’re basically just theorizing about how bad it’s going to be for you, as opposed to talking about how bad things already are.


@tutucox_Khamsi this post is fresh, but “try other games” is second this type of advice for me, maybe you’re right. I’m too fresh to visit anything else, than “hi-sec”, i’m not viewing myself as a ready to play in low security areas, i remember some of my previous experiences, before i leaved game … some people are less carefull and they are sharing with me theirs experience

@Destiny_Corrupted yes, i wasn’t sure should i write it now, or should i wait … and it is theorizing … but i decided write it now, when it’s fresh, before it goes away … this impression

ZKill contradicts you a little bit. And it is not even all the kills that happen, many link it not even to ZKill.

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@you_are_evil Thanks, you’ve learned me something, now i know, what zkill is …

Is quite useful to look at the ship fittings. Or to see where eventually ships die to pick up some loot. :slight_smile:

PS. Otherwise, I can well understand your feelings. In the beginning you want to try out a lot of things and just explore the game and then the kill horny freaks come and constantly try to mess up your day. You will have to go through it, with more experience you can ignore them better and decide for yourself when you commit.

The best PvP experience I have made in the wormhole as part of a corp. More than anywhere else, the fights are held fairly and there is even always gf (good fight) in the local. And to get fight you just have to ask for it “fight?” Most of the time the other side will ask you to wait and there will be an equal fleet logged in and fighting against your fleet.

Maybe the few PvP players who can’t find any other targets should try it…

Make evading PvP part of your PvE experience?


@you_are_evil probably you described it properly, maybe i don’t feel myself ready to participate in “full game content” option, but i have to if i want to play

@Ramona_McCandless Hahaha … wow … you made me laugh :smile: Thanks … what an idea :smile:
… and you know what ? Actually … it isn’t bad idea … hmm … i must think about it :smile:

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I wonder which forum-member’s alt you really are ?

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You are puting the question the rong way
High sec players and corp will always wine about this thing but its just noise
join a real corp low sec, wormhole or null and you will be cured by this fear of losing ships or who is better or stronger bla bla bla.

I’m new player and have 6 mouths into the game, when I started to explore wormhole i knew that i will lose ships, and i lost a lot of 1 mil isk Imicus, i talked with my killers and made very good info, then joined a wh corp, learned a lot, in one sunday i lost 3 ships 250 mil each and a total of 750mil that was something new, but i got over it in 5 mins after buying the 4th :rofl:, recent i fited a 680 mil isk ship and I’m skilling into a 1.8 bil isk ship and trust me if i fly that ship and lose it I will drink shampanie :clinking_glasses: when that happens :rofl: .

o/ Fly safe and dangerous



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did you have the market sorted so you are buying from the cheapest one, it doesnt sound like it

Good news, friend!

Players have recently discovered new end-game content!

Yep, after grinding and working hard, when you finally get into a Titan there is a new mechanic in the game…

It’s called the 50/50 mechanic where you take your 100B Titan and hit ‘JUMP TO’… then the magic begins.

From there you watch and wait to see if CCP decides you get to use your Titan in a fight or if you get to watch helplessly as your Titan is stripped of all mods and you lose control. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

24-48 hours later when you log on, after all the excitement I’ve detailed you may or may not find that exact same Titan sitting back in your hangar.

It’s WILD!! Welcome back to what are truly the PEAK YEARS of Eve Online.

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You are very late with this insight.

50/50 for finding your Titan back in station is better than 100/100 stuck in a swamp of bubbles underneath a hostile station :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: