Bringing Solo Back


Looking at the data drive of my old computer, I found the footage of a roam I did a few years back when the EVE client still had colors.

After many days of patience and putting my nerves to the edge of the pain threshold, I finally managed to make a video from that footage.

I apologize in advance for the pixelated graphics. FRAPS produces very large files and compressing the data to a usable file took some quality away.

Before you ask, I used audacity, openshot, vidcutter and inkscape which are all opensource and free but they have their limitations and may not be a good a Sony Vegas™ or Adobe Premier but they also cost a lot less.

This is how to Megathron:


I found my PI handwritten sheets, and I will take the time to scan them, or take bad photos of them with my phone low res cam, or type them up.
I also used to do something like that to manage items for trade with comparison of values.

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