Tour of New Jita!

Threw together this little video for you all to enjoy.
Grab a drink and snack of your choice, sit back and let the music and visuals wash over you!

A Tour of New Jita!


I don’t know who is the bigger nerd; You for making this video or me for watching and enjoying it. lol


Hey dude, I have some friendly advice for you. Everything in your Eve video looks kind of hazy and fuzzy. I also checked out one of your subnautica videos and noticed a fair amount of compression artifacts. I highly recommend looking up the best export settings for youtube for the video editor you use. Obviously, you’ll need to balance quality with file size and render time, but I highly recommend beefing up your quality. Hopefully, you aren’t working on a potato that takes an excessively long time to export.

Anyway, I can’t promise you it will get you tons of views or anything, but it can give your videos a nice boost to quality for very little effort.

Also, just in case you didn’t know, record, work, and export at the same frame rate and resolution.

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As far as I know, I already do record, work and export at the same resolution and frame rate.
I’ll tinker with my editing software and see what improvements can be made.

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Poked around in my settings and the only thing that looked like it could be improved was the bitrate. I’ll boost that and see what difference it makes after YouTube squishes the video quality to heck(!)
Thanks again for the advice.

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Thanks for hosting an excellent tour of Jita 4/4. Also the space elevator was really cool to see.

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