Dedication Video to EVE Online

Hello, I am a current student at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, CA. One of my current projects is the mixing of sound, music and home made videos. I would be evaluated in editing, producing, directing and story line. Now… one of the big favors I ask from the EVE community is to help me obtain videos for me to be able to accomplish this assigned task. Please remember I do need the videos to be without UI, I do not need location or the name of corp/alliance attached to the video, I know there is some wars going but I do no need details of who is fighting who. I’ll be in fact…placing your name, corp or alliance in the credits section. The following scripts are the ones I a looking for to add to the story, this not only will show what EVE is about to a community of students that have no clue about the game, but also for us to see what we, as players…are capable to do as a community. Please keep in mind I do not need you or want you to blow up a ship if you decided to help, if it happens you are in a fight and can record it I would be more than appreciated if you can send me the video.

Looking for the following videos:

*Frigate fleet only/warping to location/in warp circling station/circling the sun or planet.
*Destroyer fleet/same requirements.
*Fleets undocking from Keepstar at the same time
*Fleet moving/no shooting
*Fleet moving/shooting
*Ships engaging target
*Ships engaging target both in camera
*Battleship fleet/in warp/moving/turning left
*Ship entering wormhole
*Carrier fleet
*Titan Warp in/cyno in (any race)
*Titan doomsday initiation
*Titan doomsday full shot
*Titan doomsday impact target
*Keepstar doomsday shot
*Keepstar/Citadel explosion from start to end/any angle
*Any ship explosions
*Missile or charge impact into target

    ....If you have any of this videos or can record them please send them thru here or message me for delivery info.

Thank you in advance for your time and dedication to the game. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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Good Luck,

I have moved the post from #feedback to #communications:general. Hopefully you will be able to get some good content.

Thank you o7

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