👉🏼 Crimson's graphic services 👍🏼

Hi! Thanks so much for showing an interest in my services! I’m offering graphic services to those who want special images for themselves, their corp, alliance, or group. My services include creating propaganda posters, graphic artwork, and motion graphics. Other graphic designs and projects might be doable on request.

You can find links to projects and artwork I’ve done below. If you can’t be arsed to click links, here are some (not all) propaganda posters I’ve made.

Billboard ads I’ve created:

  • Propaganda posters: 1.5 billion ISK
  • EVE art: anywhere between 1 to 10 billion ISK
  • Motion graphics (billboards): anywhere between 15 to 30 billion ISK
  • Motion graphics (simple animations): anywhere between 5 to 15 billion ISK
  • Other designs or artwork: please inquire
Contact Info

In-game name: Crimson Draufgange
A link to my discord server is below. I am most easily reachable on discord.

:exclamation::exclamation:How it works:exclamation::exclamation:
If you read any part of this post, READ THIS PART. Before starting on your project, we’ll talk about the details. Once I have enough to work with, you transfer 50% of the fee to Crimson Draufgange (me). Between the time you sent the first 50%, and the time I start working on your project, you can ask for a refund and I will give you your ISK back. As soon as I start working on your project however, no refunds. Once the first draft of the project is ready, you need to send me the remaining 50% of the fee. Once that’s done and I’ve received 100% of the agreed upon price, I show you the first draft. If you like it, then that project is done. If you want some changes, let me know and I can make them.

Hope to hear from you soon! :grin:


Should make the shown image less slap-dash, i almost didn’t look deeper.

Many of the posters in the link are actually pretty good guys, though i’d like to see some Alliance Logos etc too.

Thanks for the feedback. Haven’t made alliance logos yet. Mostly been working on the eve art and posters that you see in the links. I have also been busy learning motion graphics. Hopefully I can offer that as a service down the road.


Bump, still looking for work

Waiting to make some posters. bump

Would like to discus on Discord your services

Feel free to drop by anytime bro! Link is up in the first post.


I’ve commissioned 2 posters from @Crimson_Draufgange so far and I am incredibly happy with his services.
His communication through the process is timely and professional. He offers creative options for what you’re working on and I couldn’t be happier with products!


Thanks bud! I’m happy you’re happy! :grin:

Bump, still in business! Been working on projects for clients.

Ordered something bit out of the ordinary. Got excellent and fast service. Pleasure to work with and for the prize the stuff I got made was damn perfect \o/ Will order more down the line! Five stars!

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Thanks! :grin: bump

Business is going great! Bump!

Happy new year! bump


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Can you mail me a quote for a couple website favicons, and some website brand logos.