Eve Graphics Packages and Custom Ship Art

Graphics by Fifth offers a variety of custom graphics solutions for your alliance, corp website or personal commissions. You can view my portfolio here

I am back on a limited basis taking select projects. I may or may not have the time to do your project. I will definitely let you know up front and before any ISK is exchanged.

You can see reviews of my work from EVE players in my previous marketplace post.

Graphics Packages :

  • Alliance Packages : Includes Discord server logo, alliance logo meeting CCP submission specifications and an alliance logo image of custom size for upload to a website. Packages start at 3 billion ISK and contents are negotiable so please message me to discuss.
  • Streaming Overlay Packages : Starts at 3 billion ISK. Because overlay packages are customized to the needs of the client, please message me with details of your requirements for discussion.
  • Business Advertisement Packages : Do you have a cool idea for a new EVE business? Want to publicize your existing EVE service? Packages start at 3 billion ISK, are entirely custom and so contents are entirely negotiable. Discuss via direct message.

Ship Commissions :

All hull image commissions start at 3 billion ISK which purchases a wallpaper of a ship in the resolution of your choice. Custom hull skin, racial logo, corp/alliance logo or basically anything you want on it within reason at no additional cost.

  • Pricing for a wallpaper is dependent on hull size and intricacy of design. Why is it based on hull size? Because titans take four times longer to make and battle scenes are especially involved and often require me to put other commissions on hold in order to have time to complete.
    • Any single ship that’s not a Titan: 3 billion
    • Single Titan: 4 billion. Titans have a remarkably complex design and a lot of surface area. This creates a lot of technical hurdles and requires significantly more time.
    • Battle scenes and/or multiple ships: 6+ billion ISK . Please discuss the specifics of this project with me prior to sending any ISK.

If you like what you see and you’d like to commission a piece, please send me the following in a single message:

  1. Send me a link to eve-who of the corp/alliance you’d like the logo of (if you’re interested in incorporating one).
  2. Let me know what ship you’d like, any particular angle or specific requirements you have for it, and let me know if you want the ship in the standard color scheme, an in-game skin or different color scheme. (if it’s an in-game skin please send a link to it)
  3. Let me know if the “standard” color gradient background is fine (as seen in some of reddit image posts) or if you want something more elaborate. Please note that technically elaborate backgrounds may result in an increase of total price but we can discuss that prior to.

I require half of the payment before beginning the project and the other half upon completion .

Before the project is finalized, I’ll make a watermarked image for you to see in case any changes are needed. Upon receipt of the 2nd half of the payment I’ll send you the un-watermarked final image.

Please note that I am often working multiple projects simultaneously in addition to work and life. I will let you know the time-table during our discussion of the piece.

I look forward to starting a great project for you.

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Fifth is a fantastic artist.
He recently designed 7 different works of eve art for me.
Love his work.
Highly recommended.


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