[WTB Service] Looking to buy graphic design and web application services for ISK

Greetings everyone.

I am looking into scaling the reach of my startup in the coming months and there are a multitude of web applications that are in the works and we will be looking into month long projects of graphic design nature as well. Rising from logo creations, background imagery, recruitment creations and offshoot projects as well that will arise as time passes by. We are also an RP lite corporation as well and thus creative artists are also a huge welcome.

Payment is done in ISK and is per project based and always negotiable. I expect the projects in terms of volumes to be covering the span of months(aside the creation parameters of each project) and thus if any designer out there is looking for steady ISK income for the coming months, I believe we pose a great opportunity. Again, every approach is negotiable on a per project basis.

If you feel you have the talent and wish to make some healthy ISK either by helping us with creating web applications or graphic design then contact me either via an evemail or contact me on twitter on @Isepphiros.

We are still looking for artists and web application people.

We ve had a couple of people reaching out and we are setting things in motion. Dont hesitate to contact me.

Hey I am web developer you can contact me in game

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