[Wanted] Wallpaper Designer

Hello Community,

i was looking for a wallpaper designer for my blog.

What i want:
All Raw Datas, if u use photoshop: all datas what u have generate and in use for this project.
Picture in 1920x1080p Full HD
a Astero and a Stratios Fighting Agains an Other T3C in Space.
In the Background Space, Planet or a Sun.

I the work is good i pay billions of isk.
is paid on delivery, I put value on quality
If u have interess and can made sketchys so mail me ingame or in forum.

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Pretty sure it’s standard to pay someone some ISK before they start doing work for you.

Unsure if this is Lan’s thing, but i recently had some excellent work done by @Lan_Wang

ty for info! send him a mail.

If you’d like to see what i had Lan design, shoot me an EvE-Mail.

Worth it tho, promise.

EVE mail me the sorts of additional details you might like on it, and we can work something out if you want~~ Been looking for a fun little project anyhow :slight_smile:

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My gallery

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Closed? Or are you still looking.

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