[Service] 🎨 Matt's Services (Signatures, Propaganda, Banners and more!)

(Matt Duskson) #1


I’ve been creating content for my alliance for a while and since it’s a good income I’m now opening my services to the rest of New Eden.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/yAutcGT

What I’m doing

  • Propaganda, Forum Signatures, Edits, Banners, Posters and ingame logo vectoring.


  • Send me a private message through Discord explaining what you’re looking for.
  • After details are cleared I’ll get into to it after finishing any previous commissions.
  • I’ll show you a preview.
  • If small edits need to be done I’ll address them.
  • You’ll only have to pay once you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.


  • Signatures: 500m base price
  • Propaganda: 750m
  • Else: Negotiable


Accepting Orders

Previous works

10/10 would bang
-Boris Agnon

Mate i ■■■■■■■ love it contact me in game for payment

Friggen top notch work! Thanks man!
-9Jean Tessier (Eden)

(Nack Boma) #2

He does a great job. If you need a banner, Matt is your guy!

(Juno Swanteisger) #3

I agree great job. Profesional and good guy.Nice to meet you Matt

(Ram Askaari) #5

This guy does AMAZING WORK! He did my corp video intro for our YouTube and it turned out great! Thanks for the hard work dude!

(mari drones) #6

superb jobs, amazing. Only a little question,Its possible to have a custom logo for corp or only is for alliances?. Thanks.

(Matt Duskson) #7

Thanks Mari!
Custom logos are only for Alliances and have special requirements, Corps on the other hand have a basic ingame creation tool.

(Andres M Afanador) #8

Awesome Work for our Corp no matter if we are Red he did an exclelent Job!!!