[Service] Alliiance Logo Creation - HIGH QUALITY


I provide an alliance logo creation service of very high quality. I can make advanced grunge stylish logo’s that fits the EVE universe in compliance with the alliance submission style & technical requirements of the EULA.

Info :

  • You will be reimbursed if I cannot complete your request.
  • You must provide information and an outline for your logo.
  • Logo creation price is fixed to 2 billion and payment must be provided before work is done.
  • Completion of work will be done within 30 days of the payment.

Contact me in-game for more information.
IGN : Sole Hunter

Note: The logos below are also for sell.

Example :


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Impressive work. A bil may be too cheap.


However, I don’t have an actual client base, so I prefer to establish a fixed price of 1-3 billion which is relatively close to the price of a plex (19$). Additionally not everybody can afford the price.

Making logo’s don’t require much effort because I am quite good at it and I would much rather establish a relation of trust before trying to maximize profit.




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