Is CCP still working on a 2D mode for the map?

Dev blog:

… we are hard at work on developing a dedicated two-dimensional, ”DOTLAN-esque” mode for the map which will be focused entirely on strategy and information. This mode looks very promising but we’ve chosen to hold off for the Rhea release in order to focus completely on the updated 3d map so that you get the best feature possible for Rhea. Look for progress reports on the tactical map after Rhea.

Any news on this? We can no longer set destination on Dotlan maps since the ingame browser is gone. This 2D mode would be a great substitution.


They need to suck up their egos and just give money to Dotlan and use their map officially.

Ccp, your YEARS-IN-BETA map has been, is, and forever shall be garbage.

Pure looks over function.

It is a microcosm for all that is wrong with eve.

Taking something ugly but functional and useful

And trying to make it pretty while either dumbing it down or making it more complicated.

Such terrible development decisions made by ccp.

It is actually sad and depressing to remember old eve versus what they are turning it into.



The Dotlan maps are bloody brilliant and the ones I use most often.

I can’t actually remember the last time I actually looked at the in-game map, sure it’s lovely on an eye-candy level but it’s hard to use and difficult to read.

I tend to agree with Persifonne here, suck up the egos CCP, admit that they have a great product, then pay them a pile of money or hire them.


I always keep Dotlan open on another monitor.

I agree, I used to have Dotlan (amongst other things like Tripwire) open in the game’s browser, but that was scuppered when the decided to remove said browser. Not having access to a second monitor means I have to suffer using the in-game map.

@discobot fortune
Give the man his answer


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


@discobot fortune
Do you speak on behalf of CCP?

:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


Ok, got my answer then, thread can be closed. Thanks.

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