Full Eve Universe Map

(Mirage 221) #1

Got a question. Anybody have Full Eve Online map with all connections and roads like I do ? In old Eve Online i havent got that. New rules ?

(Anjyl Took) #2

Is that what you’re looking for?

(Mirage 221) #3

I mean that i have this large ingame map from the begining. Some couple years ago you have to explore. Now entire map from the begining

(Anjyl Took) #4

Correct, exploring the known universe is not required to “fill” the map.

(Mirage 221) #5

Ok, thank you

(Memphis Baas) #6

Options at top, “show all lines.” Color stars by security rating.

(Trevor Dalech) #7

It is however, strictly speaking, not the “full” map as it is missing the wormhole systems.

(Kathern Aurilen) #8

Is the map settings that shows all the places you been still in there. I tried to bring it up a few times but haven’t seen it.

I want to see all the places I’ve been and been blown up in lol

(Mirage 221) #9

Dont know where are wormhole systems. I never Been useing them. Maybe three are somewhere in here. When i enetered EVE i got this full map. I was not on every system, just received IT. Received IT from Steam EVE online.

(Boldly Gone) #10

Related Question:
I’m very happy with the dotlan maps and use them for every roam. But sometimes, e.g. in the monthly economic reports, I need the ccp version of the map.

Is there a good model outside the game where I find at least names of the systems, regions, and constellations when zooming in?

(Mirage 221) #11

Dont know if three is any good EVE online map. Three was one in old times but now i candy find only influence maps. In my opinion ingame map is best cause you can pilot a route in there

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