My eve Map

Hi Guys

I am looking to creating maps for EVE this is my first go…

This is for The Forge not finished yet… more to do

The Forge


I applaud your effort, but I am wondering how your maps will be more useful than Dotlan?

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I have used the maps on Dotlan, but find them a bit hard to follow so i just wanted to have a go and make a different kind of map using Photoshop

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Hi there, I see you made it to our new forums. Enjoy :slight_smile:


It’s cartography!

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Looking forward to seeing your progress. I’m still new to Eve, but any all maps/info is great for me :)!

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All your previous map versions from are deleted. You can upload to this site.

I’m using the current EVE’s beta map configured as: No grouping, All lines, Abstract layout. The 3D map is interesting, but super hard to use. Your map looks very clear for planning a travel and analyze the systems.

I hope the CCP will add some hot-keys over EVE map for fast switch the view between 3D and your map model or something like Dotlan. Just imagine to view all Dotlan’s region maps at once in detail, grouped by systems or constellations.

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This reminds me of the subway charts in Korea. I took the blue line and now I’m in the ghetto help


I am not sure what are you trying to achieve with that map.
give me your use cases…

I want to do soon… my own map…

— Map has Center - for ex Jita, and All Systems in 5 jumps from Center… or 10 jumps…

— it should not be based on “regions”!!! Sobaseki is one jump from Jita!!! Tama is kinda 3 jumps!! but there is no any map which shows that!!! who cares about Saisio when we have …!!!

— every station need to have Helpfull Info… like dotlan…

i want to sell ammo… on the border with Low Sec… where do i need to go…
i want to sell drones for lvl4 runners…
i want to go to hi sec but violent system… to steal yellow wrecks… i know it is Uedama, but may be there are “other systems”?
i got BPO and i want to research it… “The Forge stupid map” gives me Saisio, but wise people choose …
i want to find hi sec “islands”… surrounded by low sec…

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Its only a bit fun, I have started with The Forge because that’s my home system and I wanted to create a new map showing where you can mine ice. I am not sure how far i am going to go with this yet…

I have not finished it yet so there will be more updates before this system is finished…

I am using Photoshop to design these maps.

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EVE players have a history of creating their own informational charts and even posting them around their computer for quick reference. Maps are one of the big ones, and I’ve heard from my older EVE veteran friends that they were necessary for quick escape through a series of systems, along with bookmarks on top of gates. Damage types for different weapon systems is another common one. Your interest in charting systems for yourself is a very common tradition. Basically, one of us.

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personally i find in-game map mostly unusable. It looks like many stars and lights in a confusing manner. And, Dotlan is way better. CCP, stop wasting your time. Payoff the guy who made Dotlan and use his superior form, please.

The only good thing about in-game maps is that you can see pod kills, and jumps on gate, but that info can be transferred to a much simpler format like Dotlan has.

Finished my first map, The Forge…

Next Lonetrek


Just feeding this topic with new data, ideas and content.

Here is another map example made by Dirty-Rotten-Pirate:

The map is limited and contains main trading systems in Hi-Sec and Low-Sec. It’s very useful for pirate gankers and haulers, but completely useless for explorers, miners and military strategists.

My first impression, when I saw this map, was an imagination of pirates walkie-talkie dialogue: ”Attention! Attention! The Fenrir flight of contract XG-190 is arriving at station Niarja DO!”…


yes i have this map, looks good and i like the layout…

looks like a tube station map

I think CCP need to re-design the map in the game so its something like this. More more easy to understand.

The current map is just too complicated!

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There was a player made map that would rearrange itself similar to this, and it would be nice to see in-game. Just cool, though. Don’t you think it would be even less representational of things like jump distances?

I could go for a map that flattened and normalized according to a selected system. Other than that, beyond one reference system you lose relative distances between systems if you flatten the map.

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Hi and thanks for sharing. It’s always good to see someone create something for players to use in-game. Keep up the good work.

However please update your link to the maps in the original post of this thread.


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Made some modifications to map



Good work! Do you want to make another region maps?

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