Zow Eve Maps - Interactive online map designer with system resources

Since the release of the equinox system resource data I have been working on maps to display and highlight the available system resources. The culmination of this is the interactive map designer Zow Eve Maps

The web application is hosted at: https://evemaps.zow.li

For the best performance chromium based browsers are recommended.

Zow Eve Maps is currently in an alpha state, new features are regularly being added. Current and planned features are listed below:

Current Features

  • Layout multi-region system maps
  • Select nodes by resource levels, stargate jumps and jump range
  • Create colour layers from selections
  • Colour nodes by resource levels
  • Add ansiblex networks, showing if current power numbers are enough
  • Export map as SVG (PNG coming soon)
  • Workforce routing planner
  • Sov upgrade planner

Features in Development

  • Shortest route calculations
  • Optimal ansiblex location calculator
  • More detailed system information display

I am very happy to receive feedback, feature requests, and ideas!
The long term plan is to build a general map explorer and designer, to display all available data.

Available as an example is a multi region default map of Perrigen Falls, The Kalevala Expanse, Etherium Reach, and Geminate that has been carefully layed out by hand. I will add more default maps in the future.

For more information and help feel free to join the Zow Maps Discord

I will be free to provide help during EUTZ

Thank you for reading!