VoidViewer star map for EVE Online

Greetings capsuleers,

I’m happy to announce another development project for EVE Online.

VoidViewer is aimed to provide an outlook of New Eden and aid in navigation. Application currently shows K-space star systems. Capsuleer can add jump gates and set routes.

Project is in early stage of development and more features are planned. Project started in May 2020.

I hope map even now proves useful for someone. Download link on home page.

Comments welcome :wink:

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The installer needs fixes/replacement.
Even if asked to install for “just me” it ask for elevation.

If a window button called “maximize”, it should not mean “fullscreen”.

Please add free navigation (zoom should not require holding Ctrl key).

This is not quite what was intended, I think?

Installer needs elevation because application is unsigned. At the moment i haven’t a fix for it, but that’s an issue to be addressed in the future. I agree it’s a bit incovenient.

Maximize and full screen are almost the same, but i might remove top bar in future releases.

I’ll look into customizing zoom controls. Adding a setting to select the way zoom works is quite possible.

Are you using display scaling setting other than 100%? I’ll try to reproduce the misalignment and i’ll widen the panel anyway.

Thank you for your feedback :smiley:

For my desktop layout this is not quite true.

Nope, I’m using dot-for-dot scaling. This might be an issue with CSS, if you forgot to apply necessary whitespace controls.

Version released.


SHA256 checksum added for installer.
Star systems in route are copied to clipboard as in-game systems links.
Jump count is shown for latest route.
Only one jump gate per star system allowed.
Markers and egress and ingress systems are cleared after route or jump gate set.
Circles added for jump gate endpoints to clarify graphics.
Catch, Providence and Stain regions’ layout cleanup completed.

Download link on home page.

Oh, and: please include version into installer file name.

I’ll add installer versioning into release checklist, Thx Tonto :ok_hand:

Version released.


Zoom with mouse wheel without pressing Ctrl.
Faster zoom with Shift-Mouse wheel.
Zoom reset by F12 or double clicking map.
Automatic selection of shorter route (from ESI) for routes using jump gates.
Option to copy system into clipboard as in-game link added to context menu.
Cache, Genesis, Impass, Sinq Laison and Tash-Murkon regions’ layout cleanup completed.

Download link on home page.

Thanks, but zoom anchor seems to be locked at the top-left of the viewport.

Having zoom anchor on mouse cursor is on to-do list.

Thanks, awaiting eagerly.

Version released. Download link on home page.


Fixed possibility to excessive zoom-out when using Shift-button for fast zoom.

Note: If you have jumpgates in your current installation, database can be copied from “%APPDATA%\VoidViewer”-folder to a safe location before uninstalling application. After new installation is done, database with jumpgates can be copied back to AppData.

Version released. Download link on home page .


Pochven region added.
Some layout cleanup.

There is no way to preserve jump gates added with previous version; those have to be created again. (Well, if you can manipulate SQLite database you can do it manually using SQL-query.)