VoidViewer star map

Greetings capsuleers,

I’m happy to announce another development project for EVE Online, again…

VoidViewer is aimed to provide an outlook of New Eden and aid in navigation. Application currently shows K-space star systems.

Project is in early stage of development and more features are planned. Project started in May 2020 and has since been worked on bit by bit. I hope map even now proves useful for someone.

Details and download link on home page .

Comments welcome either here on in Discord.

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Is this closed source?

Is there a bug tracker?

No OpenPGP signature on the hash value to ensure the value has not been tampered with if the site breached?

Installed on Wine 7 and it just shuts down after clicking a region name. Is there a log file?

For time being i will keep application closed. Bug tracker ain’t available either.

I’ll look into OpenPGP signature.

App has been tested on W10 and W11 only.

Any logging I can extract for debugging?

Logging is not implemented, but apparently it’s needed.

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