E.V.E.O.L - An aspiring navigation & intel management tool

This project began when I was given access to a ML + force sim hybrid graph layout solution meant for “shaking out” interesting patterns in sophisticated graphs.

  • I’ve been training it to flatten the EVE map into something comprehensible while maintaining all the cardinal directions of space (heh).
  • Now I aim to create a general purpose navigation & intel management solution. Something to dominate your second screen whenever you’re jumping between systems.

Github project page: GitHub - unreadablewxy/eveol: Enhanced Visualization of EVE Online™ Locations

Site URL: https://eveol.space

Here’s some of the features I’ve added I think are pretty unique

  • Travel history tracking for redundant path avoidance
  • “Debris ring” counter to display kill stats
  • Logarithmic scale coloring for jump & kill stats
  • Appearance presets to quickly shift between data sets

I’m looking for more “unconventional” or non-obvious feature ideas to add. Please provide some feedback.

PS: SSO requirement is because I will be leaning more into data sharing features, the vision I have for this tool has more in common with tripwire/pathfinder than dotlan.


This is an interesting concept. QOL suggestion - show region connections in like a dotted line. Also, what does tagging do? I like the link to zkill. If you are trying to make a more responsive version of dotlan, I can dig it. I like the feedback of the tool with the available paths, maybe also a way to link them so you can create your route via real time pathing.

Map looks great though! Would be curious to see avg. system pop. If this can’t be done live, perhaps, 24/hr cycle? This would help roamers looking for home systems and others looking to avoid higher population systems. Also, hugely interesting would be a jump/cyno indicator, again, if live isn’t possible a 24/hr cycle would work fine for some situations.

It has a lot of potential. keep it up!

On the topic of connections. I’ve found turning on inter-constellation lines seem to add a bunch of noise, for now. But of course the layout is still adapting. Please help me understand how does highlighting regional connections help your workflow?

The plan for tagging is to have them be constellation level bookmarks (i.e. these target systems in a constellation, where in game bookmarks target locations in a system) shared with other accounts & friends via UC’s servers

I don’t believe in trying to reinvent the wheel. Long term goal is to be an activity planner service that really makes good use of an individual’s data to boost their efficiency (i.e. come up with the shortest spanning route to cover a region for exploration whilst avoiding already traveled systems). Having a great map & visualization mechanisms happens to further those goals, but the project is definitely not trying to replace dotlan

Unfortunately I can’t quite lift player activity stats without violating EULA, maybe cache scraping / network interception will work but I don’t want to do questionable things. Name of the project is actually a pun “the acronym may be pronounced ‘evil’ but it literally isn’t”. That said, I think with enough adoption, some good data sharing features, and an intuitive UI, we won’t need to do those shady things to get the same effect.

I was going to check this out until I read “I feel entitled to an uninformed opinion”

Do you? About cookies that is.

version 0.3.0 is now available see the github release history for changes

I just took a look at this and I like it so far. Job well done

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