Advanced Route Planning Help

I’m looking for a method to import multiple systems into my route planner.

For instance, let’s save I want to visit EVERY system in Metropolis. There are 158 systems.

Going into regional information, opening the related constellations, and adding each system as waypoints is extremely tedious. If you try to optimize your route after this it will crash your computer.

Please help!!!

move this to the ‘suggestions’ forum and i’ll support it.

Would be nice to be able to autolink an autopilot route. Or to import one from dotlan or something

it IS possible to set your autopilot via the API (i think). So if you can write api programs and websites, you could probably pull this off.

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I don’t think that’s within my power. Maybe Doctor Who can be of assistance.

Not sure exactly how it might work functionally, but the EVE Vision app paired with dotlan may make this possible? Worth exploring the possibility at any rate I’d say.

you can edit your first post and move it anywhere you want…

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I can’t seem to locate a “suggestions” category.

player features and ideas

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I checked and it appears to be unsupported and possibly nonexistant.

Not sure where to go from here.


Looks like their website is offline now, but the source is still up on github.

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That’s not exactly surprising… do you know how many different routes there are in 158 systems?

If you really want to get mathematical, look up " Travelling salesman problem" on wikapedia.

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I actually looked at that. An Eve Dev linked it HERE.

The optimation would be pretty important.

I melted my computer doing a similar route optimize years ago when I was trying to hit a whole list of Eve tourist site systems.

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Well, if you’re going to bring in Dr Who into the game. Shoot big and see if Google is interested in mapping EVE? :wink:

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This is the old traveling salesman problem, when you figure it out let FedEx and UPS know, they spend hundreds of millions a year working on it.

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What did you mean by that?

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