"Are you sure" waypoint somesuch dialogue box?

in all the years I have playedthis game i have never ever seen this untill just now, I logged in an alt pilot just to see whats new or whatever and up comes a dialogue

"You have 45 waypoints set. It can take a ridiculous amount of time to calculate the optimal route when waypoints are more than 12.

Are you sure you want to continue?"

Well having never seen this in my life I hit yes and boom games dead, absolutely done immediately into Not Responding mode. I actually had a route of 87 jumps set, and in the past I would often set massive 110+ routes hitting up systems for scanning and anomalies as I went. Never seen this before.

What is this?
What is it for?
How do i make sure i am never afflicted by this again?

After waiting a long time waiting for the window to close “CCP ExeFile is not responding” the launcher itself tells me the account was closed unexpectedly. What broke so badly?

I finally exited then logged back in and that same shady insta-freeze-my-game dialogue came up again.

You hit ‘Optimize Route’ on a huge list of waypoints. Optimize Route is done locally, not server-side. You crashed your game by asking it to run calculations that your PC could not efficiently and easily complete in a reasonable time. Don’t trigger optimize route next time and you will be fine.


For some unknown reason, the game now automatically initiates the route optimization once or twice a day, even if the player does not select it. If you have more than one character signed in, they will all “optimize route” at the same time - although the exact timing of this event seems to be different each day.

I find it horrendous, because I sometimes put in exactly the route I want, only to have the game delete my route in favor of an optimized route. This started about six months ago.

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Poe’s Law again?

No, just the one time. My post above is about as serious as I ever get.

Stupid auto-optimize. I actually make sure I always have more than ten waypoints, so that I can at least decline the optimize-route when the warning box appears.

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Sounds like yet another bug to be reported. Bet it has to do with them mucking around to add the evasion rules for victory systems - someone turned on auto-optimizing to test something related and forgot to disable it before code push.

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It might have coincided with the very beginning of the invasion content. It was after emerging conduits were introduced, but before Edencom.

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Yeeesh. Any idea what time EVE-time it triggers?

It varies, a lot.

this sounds kinda logical because I was playing a bit earlier this year when EC’s were up in all systems and I never saw this dialogue thing. I skipped all the trig battle for systems stuff just decided last night to update the game and go check out… well things just have a look. This dialogue box appeared then, and it was back after i loaded back into the game the second time but i straight up hit NO that time

It is amazing how that one button crashes everything. I would have thought there would be some kind of limit to how many systems resources a thing like that would consume, but it will freeze everything up until it is done. When it says 12 systems is the limit, believe it. You might get away with 13 or 14, but not much more than that.

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lol and I had well over 80 waypoints which i set up many months ago when i last took a break. So 12ish is the limit? Lets do 80, what could go wrong!?

Answer: Everything.

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You can do lots of waypoints - you just can’t optimize the route. Not in-game anyway.

its a gigantic calculation
one way to do it is to use a ant pheromone model , to facilitate
even so its not trivial matters
logistics is a biach
thats why wen people leave stuff in several bases i tell them
you will never get this again
and they don’t understand why

do you know if theres a way to turn off that dialogue pop up? I have loaded into the game twice since i first hit yes, both times I have hit no but it keeps coming back

It comes back every single day. I don’t think it should pop up at all, so I am pretty sure there is no way to toggle it off.

I think the highest I’ve ever successfully executed was 14, but it depends on the specific systems in the waypoint. If the systems are close together you can go high, if they are far apart you have to go maybe 10 or so. Perhaps CCP should provide an algorithm option via drop-down menu in the dialogue box for computing the waypoint: brute force is guaranteed to be optimal but has a waypoint limit (in terms of crashing your client or taking too long), but various suboptimal algorithms are “good enough” or in some cases optimal (if you’re lucky) but are much faster and can handle larger quantities of waypoints. These are options already provided by 3rd party EVE routing tools like jEVEAssets:


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but what does this thing even do? does it scrap the route i configured and replace it with a new set of waypoints? I went into the game map and picked every system i did on purpose to follow a path that starts and ends where I want it too without hitting each system more than once.

As far as I am concerned my route is the most optimised it could possibly be for the gameplay I intend to take part in. Max number of jumps with zero overlaps

It’s intended for players who have not manually plotted their optimal route - it looks for shortest path to reach all waypoints. It’s a convenience feature.

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