Make meaningful improvements to waypoint system

The navigation/waypoint system is better than it was years ago (in some ways), but still very primitive. It really does not handle making routes well and does nothing for route optimization (which used to be an option!). Yes, it can make routes from point A to point B, but that’s about it. And lets’ face it, every day every pilot relies heavily on this system. It seriously needs a few more advanced features. Why can’t it be more like a GPS?

A “Destination” is where you want to end up. A “Waypoint” is places you want to stop along the way So, if I set a destination, and then add a waypoint, it should not only add the waypoint between my location and the destination, but it should add it intelligently and recalculate so that I am flying the most efficient (shortest) route. If I later add another waypoint, it should do the same thing. It should only change the destination if I ask to change the destination. At the every least, there should be a UI toggle between “Add all waypoints in order entered” and “add each waypoint for the shortest route.” I should be able to add a number of locations, set one as the destination, and have the the shortest route that hits all of them calculated. Also, a checkbox for most efficient “round trip” would be excellent.

It would also be super if we could grab and move waypoints on the map just like we can with a real GPS, and have the shortest route be recalculated.

I mean, my cell phone can do this stuff - why can’t Eve? :wink: -) Thanks!


Manage route
Drag and drop once there.
Or optimize.

The optimize for circular route is the only feature you listed that would actually be a benefit. The rest would be bad for the way some people use it.

Route finding/optimization, once you get above around 8 way points, starts to get prohibitive in calculation time. This is a complex topic, math wise.

Each additional waypoint multiples the number of options, so you get into very large numbers, very quickly.

It seems to be one of those things best left to the skills of the player and the particular situation.


And if you misclick only once and accidentally choose Set Destination instead of Set Waypoint, your previously set Waypoints are all gone. Poof. I had to redo 30 station routes again a couple of times. What I would like to have is the possibility to save routes for re-use. And a way to undock the last 2 changes to the route in order to avoid having to redo routes with dozens of waypoints.

I guess it would help if the Autopilot was at least a bit smarter and would not change its mind on what is the shortest way 3 times on the very same route you take. Same number of systems does not mean that all three routes are shortest. Or splitting routes just because there are 2 systems on the way that don’t change the total number of jumps, but the total number of AU by a lot. That would cut down the “prohibitively long calculation time” a lot, and the AP would finally make sense.

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