Proposal - Tool to save, import & export routes

It would be nice to have a in game tool, that allowed for the creation of routes, save them under a name, export them (so we could share them if needed) and import.

It is really boring, when we have our own custom route for some purpose that we do frequently, to set all the waypoints, specially when we are talking of routes with 50 or 60 jumps.

Also an option to “reverse” the route (meaning do the same route in the oposite direction, to get back) would be usefull.

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O.o why do you need a custom one of over 50j?

beacause standard navigation tool does not allow me to go trought the route I want. It just gives me the shorter, the safest, and I can tweek a little with security. But I use specific routes, because I have things to do in certain places and in certain specific stations. In my opinion, It does not seem logical to have to repeat the process everytime I want to go from A to B, using certain waypoints.

but it doesn’t sound like you want to go from a to b but rather from a to be to c to d to e to f

yes. That’s it. A to B is a form of speak…You are correct, I want to go from A to Z, passing trough b,c,d,e, etc. I’m not interested in security status, shorter or longer path. I just would like an easier way to set the route, besides having to repeat the waypoint setting everytime.

that’s what has be baffled over a decade of playing this game and I have never needed or known anyone who need to do such a thing repeatedly let alone to such an extreme

That means that you’ve never done some forms of PvE

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The industry, as it stands now, apparently requires one to haul a massive amount of very diverse items from all over the place… I can easily see a need for a 50 waypoint route, repeatable over and over…
Now if there was a handy way of planning your route, or at least saving ones you have travelled once… and then reversing it to go back the same way… ah, would be fantastic. I mean… the ships we fly supposedly require fine tuned computing power, where’s the friggin personal computers for the pilots??? too hard to create? eh…

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Not only that, but also usefull in patrolling sov territories in null. Each fleet can be dispatched trough a certain route to optimize the process. I see a lot of uses for such a tool.

as apposed to just using scout toons?

My english is not the best, so I may sometimes use the wrong terms, and for that I do apologise in advance, but a scout toon is not a patrolling fleet. A patrolling fleet has a specific purpose and his ready to engage intruders if they trespass (to a certain extent obviously). Patrolling is not scouting. I see scouting as sending some one ahead to see if the path is clear.

I also believe that professional haulers would like to be able to reuse some of their routes, without the need to set all the way points everytime they want to do it, because the places were I some times see them, is defenitively not the route given by the actual tool.

yeah i mean… generally you just have scouts around your space that the fleet can use to find people. Rather than having a fleet patrolling around hopping they come across something.

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