Saving Homebrew Routes

Currently if one types any system in search they can get either the safe route or the short route. There seems to be no way to save a custom route to the hard drive. I have to resort to making notes of my custom routes in notepad and pasting the way-points in to the client.

None of my routes are the safest or the shortest, but they allow me to visit certain trade centers along the way. The map’s autopathing works fine for most conditions but it is a chore to manually load in your custom routes from The Forge to the Domain with several spots in between. Setting it to shortest will not work for some legs of the route being longer but safer, and setting it to safest again ruins other legs of the route. Because my paths don’t fit your auto route feature they are denied and end up looking like a mess of noodles.

Custom routes should also be able start anywhere and end anywhere. I shouldn’t need to be in Amarr to start planning my route to and from that location. I can work around what CCP currently offers, but it is not an easy task and my personal routes cannot be saved.

Thank you for your attention.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d trying posting this in the QoL thread using their specific format.

Saving custom routes is probably too big for a ‘small QoL’ suggestion but at least they’ve been looking at that thread for some ideas.

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Thanks for the suggestion Kezrai. I think this is the best place for it, I don’t plan to mass spam one idea across several forum threads to get attention it deserves. If anyone else has some homebrew routes they would like to share, I would love to see them.

For example; my Amarr - Jita trade route has the following settings.
Set to Shortest
Amarr - Lor - Vecamia - Tarta - Pakhshi - Jita

This was to avoid the common battles in Ahbazon but it has other uses as well. Vecamia seems like a quieter system for whatever reason. Most likely because anyone using the autopath gets sent to Ahbazon to be ambushed there. Every time I use this route, I have to set the individual waypoints. This could be saved and loaded from the client to and from the HDD.

I take the road less traveled.

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I highly doubt anyone is going to broadcast their routes for all to see. If they do, well they deserve what can happen to them along those routes

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Or post a bogus route and smile thinking about those naive enough to believe it :grin:

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Well if they want to wait for me to come hauling my goods to market, I guess they deserve what they get as well. Honestly I am not that paranoid. The PvPers keep me on my toes, but I can’t recall being “ganked” by them for a massive amount. In fact, I run my goods in a slow Bestower I might have invested 5 million ISK in “The Beast” and I normally haul ships or ores in her. Therefore if there are any challenged players in need of an easy mark, they now have my ship description and my route as well. Some days I have my scouts check the hot spots for activity and other days I will have a mercenary shadow me. Most of the time, it is just me all alone. Making all the virtual currency without risk is not fun at all.

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Thank you for this post.
You get my vote on this issue.
Hopefully it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. :slight_smile:

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