Route Planner with "Preferred System" List

Assuming the Route Planner considers all admissible paths, maintains a temporary list of shortest paths (where ties occur), and choses one path from this list once all possible paths have been considered, then the Route Planner could give the capsuleer efficient control over favourite routes. This would be achieved by allowing capsuleers to maintain their own “Preferred Systems” list, much like the Avoidance List.

Preferred systems:

  1. When considering possible shortest routes to select from, select the path that has the largest number of matches to the preferred systems list.
  2. In case of a tie-break, choose randomly or based on some other suitable criteria.

A preferred systems list would enable me to ensure my paths take me through systems I’m most comfortable travelling through.


Nice name :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, a fair amount of people have made similar suggestions before, as well as suggested things like the ability to save, load, and share routes. And, I’d bet a lot of people (especially FC’s) would appreciate such functionality. But, for whatever reason, the idea seems to go nowhere. Don’t know why.

I was looking into this section of the forum specifically to check if it was already suggested. I feel like I need this. For my main, an industrialist who’d want to set a route to restock regularly to some stations, to a new account on which I wanted to give a try to FW missions, where you visits all the agents to pick up the missions. Sure, I could use the Notepad utility, but that is a lot of clicks everytime I want to set the route. A save route feature would be a nice QoL addition.

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