New Route management window

The window would be an actual menu like market or mail. The window would not replace the HUD tooltip

It should have several distinct sections that can be expanded or collapsed as needed like the side menu in the Inventory. The distinct sections would contain the following:

  • A section with the currently actively set Route where you can drag and drop systems around to change waypoints and destinations and click on or hover over systems to see detailed information like Jumps in the last hour, kills in the last hour, and so on.
  • A section for saved routes to quickly activate Routes into the autopilot.
  • A section with ignored systems so that you can also quickly drag them into a route if you want to, for instance, go through the systems after all one way but not on the way back, or drag systems out of the route to ignore them more easily.
  • A section with settings. This would be kind of duplicated in the tooltip but here you could better see route changes to your route if you are tinkering with it in the first section.

Being able to see a list of currently avoided systems would indeed be handy. There’s not much to tell you whether your route has been altered by your avoidance list or not.

If it already exists somewhere I’m not aware of it.


I’ve also noticed that two different chars in the same place can set the same destination and be given different routes. If we can somehow figure out how to make autopilot more consistent that’d be great.

You can see the avoided systems already if you open the Manage Route window. There, you also see your waypoints. However, this 2 tab window is just a rudimentary menu. This menu aims to put things into a more unified, better accessible menu (you don’t have to switch tabs anymore to see route and avoided systems, among other things) and expand the accessible information and expand functionality of route management.

That was a particularly interesting problem when Niarja still existed. From Amarr to Jita, you could potentially have 4 or 5 different routes that were all the same length. From Dodi to Jita it’s a similar story. From Amarr to Safizon you can also have 2 different routes. It would also be interesting to know what the Security Penalty slider does. Even with totally different settings and a route through low and uedama, nothing on the route changes.

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I wish there was a good way to save and load routes. I used to have to put waypoints into notepad, and then manually add each waypoint every time I wanted to run a particular route.

I’ve also noticed the thing that Daichi mentioned. I’m now pretty good about paying attention to when the routeplanner is trying to split up my characters, but it’s still mildly annoying.
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I want that as well and so do a lot of people. While CCP would be working at that, it would be nice if this one feature was embedded in a little overhaul of the route management UI so that you have everything in one place and get some new features on top of that.

The “Avoidance List” is a tab in the Manage Route window which you get to in the Route popup menu (click the “A”).

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