Add linkable routes

Routes with jump gates can get pretty long and annoying to share as-is - it would be great if we could link entire routes to other players


Ya, why not. Convenience is king I guess.

Capital Idea

I don’t see the harm, but I also don’t see the use.

I can link a system and others can “Set Destination” to get the route.

What would you actually use this for?

I think the intention is to share a route with multiple waypoints and/or system avoidance lists with an expiration timer.

It’s pretty niche request yet could be helpful for hearding cats. It would probably be more useful to link share the in-game note pad with player made list of waypoints and avoidance systems.

He should mention avoidance lists if he wants that, if I was coding it I would copy the waypoints, not the route and let each client decide the route since the chat might be corp and the players might not be all in the same starting location.

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