System links

Can i make a suggestion so when someone links a System in a channel, you hover over it and it tells you how many jumps to that system in the pop up? :slight_smile: would be very helpfull in some situations.

Can be done in 2 clicks (1 if that’s the last tab you had open already iirc).

Not worth dev time tbh. Just strain your mouse a bit.

I know how it can be done other ways, but i’m sure it’s not that difficult for the devs to implement what i suggested either :slight_smile:

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It might not be, but you’re being incredibly ignorant of the server work that would be going on BEHIND such a feature. You notice how quick the tooltip is vs how long it takes for the showinfo window and/or the route tab to load? Now imagine that calculation being done every single time someone so much as lingers over a system link a hair too long.

Another alternative is to right click and ‘set destination’ if you are not currently traveling from system to system via that same method.

I do not believe the basic geography of New Eden has to be transmitted from the server, otherwise transmitting the x, y, z coordinates and gate links of every system in the universe whenever someone loads the map seems like it would be prohibitively expensive to the point we couldn’t have a map at all. Most likely it would be a client side feature.

You don’t even need to ‘set destination’ if you click it once doesn’t it bring up the route in the show info window?

Or how about showing number of jumps next to the graph of the system on the show info window.

Setting Destination is what I do. It doesn’t bring up additional windows, and it concisely shows me the security status of the jumps along the way, and I am assured of it taking into account any systems I’ve chosen to avoid. The route tab of the show info window may take this into account as well, but I have not taken the time to vet it since setting destination works for me, and I’m used to it.

I’m not maintaining that it’s a better way than any already proposed, only that it’s another way and the display is sufficiently different that other people may prefer it for whatever reason.

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