Route planner disaggregated by waypoints

(Regulus Scyssor) #1

A minor but very useful improvement in route path could be show number of jumps disaggregated in partial routes by waypoints, as show in example image


(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

I agree with that, then in cases where you’re missioning with a friend or something and you want to let him know how many jumps you have left to point A you can see right away.

But then again I can see it go overboard with people pushing it by trying to set destination and waypoint to multiple systems/stations with a 1 jump difference (or no jump with multiple stations around), makes me wonder how many (1+1+1+1+…) would fit on the screen.

So… Why not look at how many jumps there are before marking a waypoint? I get it it updates as you jump along but… Not like you’ll auto pilot through all those low sec systems anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lukett MyDabb) #3

so, is the thought to have multiple waypoints in a route? i think that’d be useful for people who do hauling to multiple places, like how that route has to be starting from jita, he’s stopping in hs to maybe give his mate something, then heading to his lowsec operations point, rather than having to set location to his mate then set his location to where he’s going.

(Old Pervert) #4

I clicked into this thread expecting to troll you for mistakenly using disaggregated instead of disagreed as a failed attempt to sound smarter. God was I ever disappointed.

Regarding your suggestion, I like it. Short, simple, and a QOL improvement.

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

Took me a while to notice the (33+36) in the picture. But this is still a good change.


(Bjorn Tyrson) #6

I like it, even if it only tells you how many jumps until the next waypoint rather than distances between every waypoint (to prevent 5+2+7+18…)

(Rina Asanari) #7

Interesting idea.

Perhaps, as an addition to this, allow for an extended selection that you can select a range of jumps out of the route and it gives you a breakdown on how many stargates you cross, how often you dock or simply stop because you reached a waypoint?

(Regulus Scyssor) #8

i’m not englishtalker, give me a break bro :wink:

(Regulus Scyssor) #9

sorry, i dont understand this at all

mainly I use the route planner to calculate distances between two far points without use of external links, or trace a optimal path along stations with assets, split distances could be a useful help for this

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