The Agency's Jump Range Calculator

I’ve come back after a seven year hiatus, and am enjoying things greatly thus far.

In fact there’s only one thing that’s been bothering me.

Why is The Agency’s agent finder’s jump calculator SO BAD?

I get that the distance between Caldari and Amarr space has increased and all, but The Agency apparently hasn’t gotten word about that. It says an agent is 10 jumps away, but my jump plan is 47. For a tool that should be helping new pilots find their way around that difference is pretty egregious.

And no, I don’t have any avoided systems. Just default route settings which I only tinker with if I’m actually planning on hitting low or null. This is the honest-to-goodness default behavior of the tool.

p. s. I LOVE the term “newbro”. chefkiss Whoever came up with that is a genius.

Technically it’s still true that it’s only 10 jumps… you just have to through pochven.

The new agent finder has a few things that annoy me. This distance calculation is one of them.

It doesn’t use your route settings. Instead, it always uses the “shortest route” to show the distance.

Does it? When I search for locator agents, the results are presented in a chaotic way. The agent that is in my station is at spot 3, an agent next door at spot 12 while an agent 10 systems away on spot 4. It’s ridiculous. But this is CCP’s interpretation of “discovery”-- their words, not mine. They said that they want to have some sort of discovery feeling in the UI experience when they moved the Agent Finder over to the Agency. This behavior only happens for Locator Agent searches. For any other search, the agents are sorted in order of closest to farthest.

Another annoying thing is that the agents are sorted in columns rather than rows. Instead of seeing the 8 closest agents near you in the first 4 rows, you only see 4 in the left column and 4 very far away in the right column. This is the same inexplicably bad UI design that CCP employed in the Skill Catalogue for sorting Skills. It requires so much unnecessary and cumbersome scrolling up and down that you have to wonder whether the designers of these features where Logitech mouse division employees in the past.

CCP refuses to fix these issues for a better UI experience.


(sticks out tongue) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think there is a misunderstanding over what I said. The jump distance number shown in the Agent Finder uses the shortest route. I was referring to distance only - because the discrepancy between the number shown and actual traveling route was mentioned in the opening post.

However, the sorting order is another issue. You are correct, and I agree with you that the list is definitely not sorted always. It is one of the other annoying things in the agent finder.

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