Agency Agent Finder

Would be really nice, as well as fairly logical to be able to sort the agents in the agent finder by number of jumps.

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Not sure what you’re searching by, but mine sorts by deafult to jumps. One column for HS locations and one for low sec.

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Mine does not.

Mine does also not show all agents that are available, even though some are closer to my current location than others in that list.

Mine shows the same way as @Zhalyd_Lyehin . Not sure why @Dragos_Highwind shows in Jump order. Did you alter anything for it to show that way?

I have not checked if there are any missing.

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He is filtering specifically for Security Agents by the looks. So, CCP sorts by range properly when you limit yourself in some way but they screw people over with random, useless sorting and hiding of content when you do a general search, aka. subject us to their discovery UI experience.

Awesome. One has to wonder what game design or ux design school the programmers of that feature attended.

There is a difference in those pictures!

First @Dragos_Highwind
Agents & Missions – Mission Agents – Security Agents

Second @Zhalyd_Lyehin
Agents & Missions – Agent Finder

So, at least two different developers at work here AND absolute no Q&A (sop for CCP, i know)

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