I think new Agency UI for agents go to cause decline missions

Hi. I am a two years player, normally as a side activity do mining and distribution missions. Because in my country i have very bad internet connection, normally dont do security missions except for Brutor Tribe in a Svipul in Rens.

Recently i was thinking in sell my Amarr puller, and for do that, i plan to use all the remaining LP i have in two chars.

Was a nightmare.

The map screen of agents have many problems, In my point of view :

  • Slow., tome to render map is high.
  • You cant filter for available or not available.
  • You cant filter to High Sec / Lowsec

I had the experience to check some things in Dotlan (and as i say before, someone need backup dotlan, if dotlan go dark we can have DOTLANCALYPSE who can drove away many players). And was using that instead the internal interface.

Normally the quickest way to find where spent the LP is seek corp name (“home guard”, as example) in the A near rouute, you get the box with all the statiosn with that name, and set destination will say you how many jumps of distance you are.

I was thinking before agency in get a good puller for each faction and dont touch them anymore. Now i am sure to do so, but have serious doubt about the numbers of completed missions we g o to have in high sec.

Dear capsuleers , Do u think we go to have a serios decñline in péople doing missions ? i think so.

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I doubt it. The DOTLAN Agent tool is sufficient, if immersion-breaking.

You can also go to the Agents tab of the Show Info window for any NPC corp to get a list of agents (which includes “x jumps away” info, but is unfortunately sorted by the Agents’ first name rather than distance).

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but not all people who come to Eve know Dotlan.

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This is true.

But they’re going to learn quickly that CCP has forgone developing some essential game info tools, that the community went ahead and did it for them, and that CCP seems satisfied with their players having to learn how to play their game via out-of-game resources. They’re gonna look at eve-market, they’re gonna look at eve-survival, they’re gonna look at zkillboard, blah blah blah.

The Agency’s pathetic implementation of the Agent Finder will suffice for new players until either (a) CCP comes to their senses or (b) a player tells them about these out-of-game tools, or a Google search leads them to the tools.

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Yeah, removing the in-game Agent Finder and making players use the failed -all in one- Agency app is definitely bad for player retention. Best to just go old school and use 3rd party apps to find specific Agents.




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