Agent Finder replaced by tab Agency Window

As always, what you force on us is slow and with less functionality as what you take away.

Please ´delete the agency window completely and stop trying to force new map on us this way - we do not like new map that is why we have it off to begin with.

Specific problems with Agent Finder functionality:

1: Sub menu instead of instant access from Neocom.

2: Entire Agency Window is extremely slow and annoying to work with.

3: Can’t search for agents from a corp without first going somewhere else and find out what faction the corp belongs to.

4: Any distance doesnt work since someone put a 12 agent limit on.

I can’t even see specific agent I am looking for - which I found using Agent Finder, without any trouble at all.

TLDR Stop ruining the game.

EDIT Repeated word changed to right word.


Post your feedback in this thread

It has a much higher chance of being read there.

It truly boggles the mind.

CCP, what the hell are you even doing?


I knew this was a premium patch when I started getting errors trying to reload my missles when flying through a complex gate.
People say that expiditions was moved to agency but theres no expeditions in the journal now or the agency.

Agency window being slow is nothing new. AFAIK it was always slow…

You are right, the Industry Window (also a fairly new addition) is also slow … but WHY?

How are CCP messing up their implementation of new UI windows so that they are SLOWER than the ones they replace?

Its backwards and should not happen.


Its because of the embedded map. It lags everything to hell.

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Technically i see how they make it slow (they need to download a lot of stuff to show) but usually people do something smart in such cases… And this is what i don’t understand…

You should blame Intel, Specter and Meltdown and conspiracy and Illuminaty, but CCP all good lads who know how to make things work…

Funniest thing I find about the Agency is that its icon is a claw machine, just about the most hated and jury-rigged-to-be-unfair thing that exists to torture kids.


This new feature is really bad. Is there any chance the old Agent Finder can be put back into the game ?

Shakes Magic 8-Ball

● My sources say no

Oh well, the spirits have spoken.

–Gadget the Seer


I tried the new map. I didn’t like it and disabled it in my settings.

This thing looks fancy, but then when you try to use it, you realize how weak it is. And then all of a sudden the Servant Sisters of EVE must’ve just left New Eden and went through the EVE gate.


Why CCP insists to release content that does not work properly is a mistery that probably can only be explained by inside factors. Maybe there’s a bonus for finishing stuff by a deadline (and a flexible definition of “finish”)? Maybe the production slots assigned to each team are so tighly framed that once they run out, things are released “as is” for lack of time to keep developing them? Maybe things always get delayed because experienced developers leave and teams are continuously dealing with newcomers who need to get up to speed?

We never will know, but no matter how CCP changes their production procedures, they tend to release crude, unfinished stuff which at best wil get some iterations but whose core issues will remain untouched forever. Once a functionality is lost, it’s gone forever.

The Agent Finder was a good tool. New players are losing with this change. But why care? CCP won’t, altough it’s their bloody way to earn a living… :woman_shrugging:

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Their usual tactic is to wait until everyone steamed out and then after a few months left come up with next “amazing” patch where lots of stuff been “fixed” or make the changes silently without crowd attention.

CCP brought their official apologizes back in 2012 (?) after the monocle and micro transactions been released and since that its all became sadistic way of vendetta. They do change the features which work well and implement those which everyone hate.

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Behold the hideous strength of scrum/agile programming!

The twit of hope from CSM

“hopefully it’ll make you happy”? WTF does THAT mean? To me, it suggests that instead of implementing ALL of the missing Agent Finder functionality (which should make all users happy and therefore no need for “hopefully”), they have cherry-picked only some elements…


Perhaps they are going to put The Agency in to Beta status, like the map. At the same time they will of course return The Agent Finder until its replacement is feature parallel, just like we have kept the old map.

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