January 2018 Release - Known Issues & Issue Reporting

We’re happy to announce that the January Release has been deployed!

Please use this thread to report any issues you find with the release.

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Additional Release Information

The January Release focuses on a number of fixes, as well as Improvements to The Agency and Forward Operating Bases, and a rework of the ammunition reloading system.

This release also includes more work to bring better graphics and textures to deadspace areas in missions, with more updates to textures and shaders on a large number of deadspace objects.

Check out the full patch notes for an in depth look at all the fixes coming with this release!

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General known issues:

  • Loading a crystal to a module directly from a location, which is owned by your corporation or any other pilot, can lead to various problems (unable to unfit, unable to warp, …), as the ownership is not updated correctly. Workaround if this happened already: Change the owner of the whole ship (like drop it into corp hangar or give it to a trusted friend) and then change it back.
  • Unloading Ammo from a weapon will no longer return the ammo to an existing stack in the ships cargohold.

The Agency

  • Drifter Site cards in the Agency are missing a label, icon and background video.
  • Militia information overlaps number of Conquered systems when resizing The Agency window.
  • Applying a different language setting causes the Incursion site card to overlap The Agency window.
  • Shattered Ice Field is under the wrong archetype
  • Expedition info windows still reference Journal Expedition tab


  • Users are reporting graphical issues where they have a black screen when in space or in station. (Unconfirmed Workaround: Adjusting graphical settings has resolved the issue for some users; Opening the fitting screen might also help)
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Removed the Agent Finder. Functionality will be handled by The Agency.

This is not true. The Agency window does not find agents properly. It missed out on a crap load of agents that the old Agent Finder displayed right away, and I cannot set a security filter for agent search. Fix your god damn content curation!

And stop lying: This is not a successful deployment. This is a farce.


have confirmed, cosmic signatures (at least relic sites known to be affected) are not de-spawning upon completion.

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All textures for background and all objects and ships in space are gone, clearing cache didn’t fix the problem. I have this issue when both docked and in space.
UPD. Fixed an issue, Esc menu - Display&Graphics - Present Interval, switched from Interval Immediate to Interval One and back.
UPD #2 Unfortunatelly, this is a persistent issue, happens on every client each time after logging in. Please investigate. If I can help you by providing additional information, please let me know.


EVE launcher starts only one client, normally I can play with two. Launcher error windows says “can not copy files for Tranquility while client is running” when trying to start a second client.

Escalations in agency are not working at all.

New entries are not showing up.

Set destination does not do anything.

Distances to each one are not given.

Names of the escalation are not given.

There is no filter for Escalations, so we are unable to set a distance for them.


Hey JV! Yes, please.

If you could file a bug report in game (so that it will have the logs attached) that would be excellent.

It will be helpful to have your gfx card and driver version, too (and of course if there’s been any update, make sure you have the latest driver).

Right. How do I remove that “+” sign that now appeared on every chat window? A completely unneeded feature, that takes up space that is already very crowded and in demand (channel name/online). The “Open Channel Window” function is already available in the Neocom - and can’t be removed from there either… What’s up with this, are EVE players all blind? Do we really need FIVE buttons on the UI that does the exact same thing, that we’re not allowed to remove and rarely use to begin with?

Oh, and that little “start private convo” button that now blocks almost the entire name of pilots in chat windows, I get maybe the first 5 letters now. How do I disable that? I know how to right-click and select “Start Conversation”. That works even better, as I CAN SEE WHO THE PERSON I’M STARTING A CONVO WITH IS!


White indicates a neutral NPC. These NPCs will ignore you, but may retaliate if attacked.

You want to tell me you fixed the issue that white FOB blood raider ships attacked me?

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set textures in display& graphics and apply , it will solve the issue. then revert it.

Cannot find the agent i am looking at in station using the agent finder…there is no way to sort which are shown or in what order…this is a far cry from the same functionality…and the new map is worthless still. Please give us back the old agent finder.


Looks like the Station environments got broken too. Along with Space environment.
I log in to blank screen with brackets in space or a blank ship hanger.
Only way to fix space is to go into PI planet view then exit :roll_eyes:
Everytime I jump thru a stargate I end up with a residual static image of the last gate again with brackets and to PI view to exit to fix thing again.

And everytime I dock up I just get a residual mess of a screen from outside the citadel or station and no ship - Not even close to being something resembling a “Successful deployment” !

This patch seems to be code named “Clutter things more with useless gadgets!”


I recommend in the future create a thread like this that CCP will read before the release. I’ve been commenting on the agency finder changes since I found out about them in late December and tracking improvements on SISI. I wrote every member of the CSM and filed one bug. I don’t think it had any impact. I’m especially sad that a bug report that had a direct bearing on an upcoming release doesn’t even appear to have been read.

I’m not saying that one player or even a few players opinion should hold sway, but to wait until after the release to tell the players “now we’re listening” is really frustrating.


yeah that fixes it till you dock or undock again :joy: :rofl:

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fixed mine permanently :slight_smile:

Can’t find my second escalation.

Can we have the old escalation window back please, this new one is rubbish.

I can’t find where my sites escalated to, whom do i mail my loss of earnings to? The QA Department?