Is it possible to tell the distance between 2 systems?

I seem to only have indication how far a system is from my present position. But what if I wanted to know the number of jumps between 2 other systems?

DOTLAN :: EveMaps is what you’re looking for…


Set a route to the first system. Note the amount of jumps.
Add a waypoint at the other system. Note the total amount of jumps.

Now subtract the first number from the second.

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CCP doesn’t give you that information but luckily yet again a third party developer has done it for us.

hmmm ok. i was trying to avoid third party “tools” in a bid to keep things ‘pure’.

Thank you, anyway.

You can play EVE that way, but you’re gonna have a bad time.

I understand what you mean. I don’t even want to use alts. And it’s tough. I can see so many angles if I had an alt.

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This is the wrong game for that :smiley: lol

That’s a nice challenge!

I personally wouldn’t want to play EVE without Dotlan, Zkillboard, Pyfa, EVE Uni wiki, Mumble, Slack, Evemarketer or any of their alternatives. There are lots of really helpful resources outside the game for knowledge, intel, easier communication with fleet and alliance members.


Dotlan is just my roadmap always at hand on a second screen. Even if I was in Roleplay (let’s go Gallente!), it would be a tool I wouldn’t want to miss at all.

I love travelling by roadsigns and directions, so I prefer maps to a talkative GPS.

The only one I use is zkillboard as it is more of a score / leaderboard counter and doesn’t really modify the game for me.

It’s really nice to get information about a player: ships they fly, when and where they are generally active, fits they use on their ships, who they fly with, that sort of thing. And it’s also a nice source of inspiration if you’re fitting a new ship.

Xuixien is 100% correct. Much if Eve is poorly or completely undocumented. 3rd party tools bridge the gap CCP left.
Some parts of the game, like industry are almost impossible to do well without some tools.

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