Will Code For Isk

I’m a highly skilled software engineer. Need a tool made, I can probably do it.

How much you charge for a tool that reminds me every 5 hour not to play eve?

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That depends what format you want the reminder in.


You should probably write what languages you can code.
How much would a price check/market tool cost?

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I don’t need anything myself, but I do know that the eve community would benefit greatly with a new and up-to-date third party map. I’m sure you’ve heard of dotlan. It hasn’t been updated in ages. With the new changes and addition of SSO, ESI, etc, a map similar to dotlan that makes use of SSO would be wonderful. I’m sure you could do a lot with something like that, and I’m also sure that many eve players wouldn’t mind paying for a service like that.

http://evemaps.dotlan.net/blog/ He actually announced in December he was going to look into esi updates.

That being said, competition is never a bad thing

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Currently working on a wormhole mapping tool for my corp. Currently working on a prototype mapping visualizer for someone. Both of those should segue into building a full fledged mapping tool.

What does Dotlan not have that you would like a mapping tool to have?

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I need some tool to calculate distances from system to systems suing the API, although it would be simpler to load the universe and create a point to point tools for all destinations…
The only API data to pull would be the price change on items, maybe once per day, or on a certain amount of occasions, so to avoid to create extra load on the server.

I can probably find the data field required from the API, or more than one of them and create a database system for it.
However, I miss part of the process to make a webpage from it.
It may be better run from a 3rd part app.

Well, it would be really awesome to set destinations and waypoints from the browser map. It would also be great to see where my fleet members are, and what ship they’re in if they’re also logged into the map. Would also be cool to see wormhole connnections in a dotlan-like map. Would also be really cool to have a public wormhole mapping tool, with a visualized map similar to dotlan. Dotlan, as far as I know, has none of this.

I have a lot of ideas, but know nothing of coding, so no way to carry them out.

I need a working BOT for discord to get messages received from XMPP client (pidgin) and show on a specific Discord channel. Can you do this? What is your price?

Hi there, im looking at using discord as it seems the thing to use at the moment and id like it to have various things in place like an auth zone for corp/alliance members and bots for other stuff like killmails; problem is i have no idea about any sort of coding and when i try to read up about this stuff i just get lost because basically i dont understand anything the readme is saying, the question really is how much and what would i need to know to maintain it?

I would like to speak with you about an app to track the wallet if possible.

Messaged y’all.

I reply your in game mail. Let me know in game if what I ask is possible.

Thank you

Sorry for the response delay, got bogged down with my actual job.

Waiting response

Hi, can you code for me a profit loss tool that calculate the journal and the transactions? ccp is not able to intergrate a simple statistic ingame… other tools dont do their work well. ?

Yes. Evemail me with the details of what you need.


Im looking for someone who can create a reactions sheet for me that will tell me the required inputs, how much of each and how long it will take.

Once it has done that I would like it to tell me the Jita Sell Value of what is produced
Finally, It would be great if it could also tell me if by how much percentage it is profitable by.

If you could PLZ send me an in game mail rather than responding here that would be great.
We can discuss a price when and if someone responds to this message.

Sent a mail