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I am looking to create (or enquire about geting one made for me) an app that does some market related tasks for me.

1: if i were to hire someone to do it, approx how much ISK would it cost (I appreciate anyone oul dneed a brief first, but what I have in mind isnt overly complicated)

2: if I were to attempt to do it myself (ive zero knowledge on coding) what would I need to learn


I know eveworks can do it if your looking to hire someone, you can read up on us at or our forums post here

Due to the lack of detail I cant however get you a quote, but with more detail about function and platform I’m sure we could sort you out a reasonable price!

Thanks, ill check it out

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even without knowing exactly, what this app should do, I think I can say this:

If the app has to connect to the CCP-servers to access Character/Corp-related non-public data - then forget about doing it yourself.

I’ve done quite a bit of coding for decades (no professional though), but after CCP changed the way of authenticating a few years back - I had to learn several new concepts and it is so complex, that I still needed external software (once) to get the initial access-key.

This stuff isn’t really suitable for first steps into the coding-world.

cheers, P.

It’s just OAuth2. There are plenty of resources/libraries out there to handle it for you pretty much. In the end it’s just like a few HTTP requests.

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jEveAssets was my second real coding project. Learning to code with the Eve API is great, as there is so much data to play with and you’re able to reap the rewards of everything you code when you play eve.

GitHub - devfleet/awesome-eve: A list of 3rd party Applications and Tools for the awesome Eve Online MMO. have ESI libraries for pretty much every language.

Thanks all

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