In-game Tool To Show Distance Between Any 2 Systems

Dear CCP,

Can you please come up with a tool so players can find the distance between any 2 systems. This is basic space navigation.

(Please don’t tell me to use externals tools as I want to stay in-character).

Set first system as destination, note how many jumps it is then add second system as waypoint and subtract the first number from the second and you have the number of jumps between the two. There is even an in-game calculator in case the math operation poses a challenge.

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When I was a young man, I had to buy paper maps and road atlases for navigating my car. I still use these ancient “external tools”.
Playing EVE without external tools is like relying on the gps. Good luck.


You can open the map in any jump-capable ship and see if it is within your jump range.

Or are you talking about a different kind of distance?

This works. Thanks.

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