New skill that allows slight tweaking of MJD distance?

I wonder if it would be beneficial to the game to have some sort of skill, most likely under the ‘Navigation’ section, that allows a slight customization of MJD distance, instead of the hard-coded 100km distance.

I imagine the trickiest part of implementation would actually be designing / deciding on how the UI / interface to such a mechanism would work. The intention of this skill is to allow the pilot to select from multiple distances, which implies UI additions.

I’m thinking with the skill maxed, you can potentially get +/- 25 or 30km on jumped distance away from the default 100km.

What situation did your idea come from? Or how you expect to use it?

100km is exactly perfect. There is a reason for this number.

Would you happen to know the reason?

It’s below warp range (150km), it’s above useless range (50km), and it’s easy to calculate with.

That’s good enough for me. Sometimes CCP’s numbers and caps don’t make sense to me (like the way some battleships can shoot farther than the lock distance cap), but that reasoning is solid.

I do not think that the idea has merit but, for the sake of discussion, I wonder if it would be difficult task to tie jump range to the time of module deactivation. Let’s say you activate the module and you see several tick marks around the module’s icon. If you deactivate the module after the “cycling indicator” or whatever we call it passes a particular threshold it would modify the jump distance (though you would still have to wait for the full cycle to complete before the jump).

A long time ago, sniping at very long ranges were a thing in EVE.

CCP introduced “probe and warp to 0” the End.

Support the idea a static 100km is often a cumbersome value. I personally think 100km maximum is fine but being able to reduce it to as low as 50km would be awesome.

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