Metaplasmid for Micro Jump Drive and MJDF?

Seeing as how the metaplasmids will work for MWD/AB, could we consider letting them apply to MJD?

There are no meta, faction, deadspace, officer MJDs, and to some, they’re still considered a prop mod.

Mainly i’d want them to effect these attributes:

  • Power Grid
  • CPU
  • Reactivation delay
  • Activation cost

If we go with MJDF as well, it would apply to the same thing but maybe also adjust the “area of effect” range of the field which moves ships. So you get one that moves ships within 10km instead of 6km.

I’m hesitant to modify jump range, as it creates too many variables to contend with in the existing meta, such as:

  • Jumping a fleet/ships onto another at fleet at 150km
  • Bombing a roll and getting a 50km jump range (still good potentially, but unpredictable for anyone attacking).

By the sounds of the panel, getting these RNG rolls to be an actual good roll would be rare. Even so, having even PG or CPU reduced on an MJD would be pretty helpful when trying to squeeze them onto certain fits. Or getting one with a better reactivation time could make certain marauder fits very flexible. Would also create “meta” modules for MJD’s which don’t exist currently.


I’d love to nerf my large micro jump drive to 50km so bring it on!

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for good reason

no to this

I was under the assumption that the mutation will work for any type of module. If it only works for certain modules, then it is of no use…

yeah being able to get a T2 mirco better than an officer is just useless right?

It won’t work on any weapons, weapon damage, tracking or range modules. I’ll see if I can find the list…

  • Armor Repairers
  • Shield Boosters
  • Armor Plates
  • Shield Extenders
  • Warp Scramblers
  • Warp Disruptors
  • Stasis Webifiers
  • Neutralizers
  • Afterburners
  • Microwarpdrives

Whether this will be modified or expanded upon before the release at the end of May is anyone’s guess at this point.

So it only works for mainly PvP modules. Figures…

I would’ve liked to see the list extended to include: Rigs, weapon damage modifiers, tracking/guidance/omni/nav computers, tracking/guidance/omni enhancers, sensor boosters, cap rechargers and batteries, grapplers, target painters, shield power realys, flux capacitors, capacitor power relays… and the list goes on.


yeah, so we could have had a balancing nightmare worse than t3s

i’m sorry but i could count one category that did not effect PvE and it only become three if you excluded limited use. I think you’re just salty

i’d like to see hull reppers added on that list, just to see what could be tinkered with them.

Looking at the list, I fear something will go horribly wrong in the distant future. Some of those mods are still on the list of meta-cide.

But who wouldn’t want an enduring armor rep or shield booster with -50% cap usage right?


I just want my bricked MJD.


Hull repper upgrades, yes. Eve needs this badly to shake up the meta game…again.

oh yeah a tank that can take full advantage of mids and lows and gets 60+% uniform resists with just one mod. yeah that will shake things up. if you mean be completely unbalanced that is.

you get get over 100km points with them as well.

the onyx right now can get 5kEPH/s with a passive tank. I can only imagine what happens if each of the three extenders get an extra 50% hp

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i didnt say anything about DCUs or Bulkheads (allthought that would be hilarious on a Brutix/Hyperion). however, hull reppers are so bad that they would be pretty interesting to see with mutaplasmids. rep amount and cycle time is so garbage they cant be used for PvP or PvE.

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I do understand that hull reppers are not for tanking with but for a one time price for repairs.

even on that role it would be good to have a modified one that can repair more per cycle or that has shorter cycle time (or both) to save some time.

exactly they cant be used in pvp or pve because of the reasons i listed. just because you didn’t say anything about bulkheads or DCU doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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