Make Micro jump drives activate in warp

How about allowing a player to activate a MJD while in warp to land directly on grid at the point they would normally come out of warp. Have a spool up time of say 5-7 seconds so really only effective in long warps or to cut off a running target. Give it 1.5-2x the recharge time if activated in warp before it can be used again.

Make it look shiny please


why so you can avoid a camp before you even land?


Bubbles have already been nerfed with the killmails.

If you don’t want to land in a bubble, don’t warp direct to gate. Do as always has been best and use a bookmark, or warp to a celestial first.

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Technically, you could use it to run after and kill frigate with a smartbombing battleship if you guessed everything right. Follow the frig in warp and WJD as soon as you enter warp to land before it and activate the bombs. It’s rather impractical for anything but the largest systems tho and require some rather good amount of luck to pull off correctly.

All in all, not a great addition to the game.

You’ve obviously never been to a renter system. They bubble ■■■■ their gates like there’s no tomorrow. Even with decay, there’s a completely surrounded gate, and no angle of approach will prevent you from getting bubbled.

I also believe you misunderstood the OP. (or I did). It sounds like he wants to be to activate it while in warp, and land on the same place he originally was going to land.

For example in a battleship, that last bit of deceleration is painful. Very painful. Using an MJD to hop those last 100km (assuming you time it right, something I can appreciate) would allow you to decelerate out of warp a lot faster.

So, if you had an MJD, and the module fires when you are say 300km away, it changes your distance to 200km and the deceleration from 300-200 is erased.

If the module fires when you are say 75km away from landing, you land instantly on your original warp point.

This has tremendous potential for allowing those slow-ass BC and BS to get out of warp faster and get into a fight faster.

Whether or not it makes them OP, not sure - but the potential for the ships to land faster (with everything that follows) has my +1.

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I don’t see anything in the OP about avoiding bubbles - what I see is an idea I sort of like tbh, sacrificing a slot and allowing a BS to use a MJD mid-warp to instantly land at the place it would ALREADY LAND sounds nice. What’s more, it allows some fun play for getting around the slow travel times and warp decel inherent in flying BSs - I actually really like the idea.

+1 from me

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This is what I was thinking. Even if they limited it to something like Marauders kinda like the bastion module it would be nice and would set that ship class apart making them more viable for pvp given their cost. It would basically be hot dropping but limited to within the system your already in and no cyno.

Besides just think of the fancy effect it will have.

The marauder was never intended to be used in PVP. That’s why it gets glued into space with very little buffer, a significant active tank, and no remote reps.

Yes, you can think outside the box, but ultimately any encounter where you’re using marauders, you’re going to lose the isk war very quickly.

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