Mobile small warp disruptor


I had an idea and wanted to brain storm with you guys before implementing it.

If i was to drop a mobile small warp disruptor at the default warp in point of a signature I was doing, would that ensure that anyone that warped to the sig AFTER me be dragged to the bubble?

Would the only way to avoid being dragged be setting up multiple bookmark spots in the signature’s grid BEFORE I set up the bubble and warping to the bookmarks instead?

I could litter the edge of the bubble with stuff to de-cloak scouts in order to minimize the risk of being ganked.

Has anyone ever tried this?

Would this plan work?

Thanks in advance!

Theoretically you are right. But practically you would loose more than you will gain. And that is the reason why peole dont do it.
It would be problematic to ensure from which direction people will warp in, and hence assure decloak of the ship which will warp in, not to mention number of cans which you would have to eject and time needed for that. It is more feasible just to simply drop one single can on warp in 0 on the signatuire without any bubble to decloak people warping in to 0. Also people will likely have tactical bookmarks for warp in to the cans to gank you and this bubble will not help with this. Just ninja speed hack and you will be golden.

“Ninja speed” only works for exploration sites. How about gas, mining and combat? I am exposed in space for way longer in those other sites, hence the need of extra protection.

There are usually less than 5 warp in points, would could be easily covered by abandoning drones and jettisoning cans.

I was told that drag bubbles will only pull someone up to a max of 500km, can anyone confirm this? I though it would drag anything that warped in it’s path that landed on the grid.

If I don’t have a bubble set up i am exposed to ppl that previously scanned the signature and that will return later with a gang. The scout can warp cloaked at 10km+ from the default warp in point when they see the 1 cargo container, slow boat to me and get warped to by the gang waiting in the next system.

I believe that if someone sees on d-scan a warp disruptor and multiple objects they are going to think twice before warping to grid because of the fear of being dragged and de-cloaked.

In conclusion I wanted to mention that I would position myself the farthest I could from the bubble, in the case that the enemy gang just warped in the hope of catching me by surprise. The distance would give me reaction time to warp out/burn away/cloak depending on my ship and site.

Any additional thoughts?

Thanks again!

To your question concerning drag bubbles: bubbles that are less than 500km behind your warp destination, and are in line with your warp, will drag you out of the warp (but in your post you wrote that the bubble will be on 0 on the signature, and that is not exactly a drag buddle)
If somebody has prebookmarked tacticals on the sites, then their line of warp will not be into this bubble and the plan will crumble).

Well, they might try to bounce from celestial/signature/whatever else, from other direction and this plan will crumble again. Or they will go just straigh for you, because they will be brimming with expectations to have you on their killboard.

OK. I dont say that it will never work. You can get lucky sometimes, but mostly it wont save you. If this would be that good then it would be “meta” and everyone would be doing it. There are other better options how to protect yourself.

Good luck. Fingers crossed if you go for this. Just let us know some feedback how it worked.


The best solution is to just be on the ball and warp out when hostiles come into System when working with Open Sigs. There is a good chance that in the 10 minutes it takes to setup bubbles and decloak cans that you will just get caught then. You also have to pick everything back up (at least bubbles) so then you are in your own bubbles for a while at least.

For Gated Sigs you are about as safe in there as possible short of in a station. People have to decloak to use the gate and will only land at the entry.

The main goal with PVE (at least for me) is to make money and have fun.
Fun - dropping cans and bubbles is not my idea of fun.
Money - doing things other than running the sites is not making you money, if you make 20% more by being efficient and only lose 10% more then you are still ahead.

However feel free to try it, no harm done. If its easy and saves your ass time and time again then don’t listen to what anyone else say (they may just be idiots).

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