Forcibly Decloaking Opponents

I also saw mentioned that bumping into space debris, like a floating item of carbon, will decloak you.

Is this true?

If so, has people used this to any useful affect? In my Imicus I am pretty small and imagine it’d be hard to get me to hit a piece of space trash purposefully.

Ohhhhhhh yes, absolutely.

You can lay a “debris minefield” in advance to decloak targets, usually at stargates to this purpose. Also, if you have an idea of where a cloaked ship is because you saw them cloak or you revealed their silhouette with a command burst, you can speed over there with an MWD and bump their invisible ship into decloaking. Aaaaaand there are times where blind luck favors you and your gut feeling says “I think I’m being watched and he’s probably over there” and you ram into the suspected hiding spot and boom! Decloaked.

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Awesome first answer…it’s got me full of questions outside of what I’ve normally saw so far on various videos, usually they incidentally talk about cloaking/survival, and this was a strange one that popped-up.

Now I learned a totally new path I didn’t know…command burst and ramming…

The reason I mainly ask, and where I want to build the question out is this:

I’m not ready to go Omega-, when I haven’t even mastered the basics of EvE as an Alpha, and I want to roll out a more expensive fit, but wanted to understand what the risk is because so many people say “don’t do this fit without a cloak!” and the obvious thought is…it’s too risky NOT to have a cloak.

But my mind went two directions with that. One, that for my passive-defense purposes, cloaks are by-and-large useless.

If I’m jumping gate-to-gate cloaks arne’t really useful?

But, then I thought, well if they are useful…WHAAAAAAT about that trick I heard over in some random video over there! Can’t they just clutter the gate with debris and forcibly decloak you?

Hence the question. Now comes the hard part…putting it all together.

Because in my scouting phase, none of this may be useful, so know which applies where becomes difficult since I won’t be actively using it yet. But it’s all building the toolbox for later game play…

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Wrong. Covert Cloaks let you cloak and warp at the same time. Non-Covert Cloaks can still be used to cloak while warping for the vast majority of ships (basically all subcapital ships, maybe an exception here and there) via something known as the “MWD Cloak Trick” (which is NOT an exploit, by the way). The MWD Cloak trick can be used, for example, to navigate LS with a BS relatively safely - at least several orders of magnitude more safely than without a cloak.

In NS where you might find yourself caught in a bubble, a cloak can help you drift back to the gate without getting ganked. Bubbles do not decloak you. Covert cloaked ships do not suffer a velocity penalty, so this is feasible. Black Ops ships actually move faster while cloaked than while not cloaked. A select few ships (such as the Endurance) also remove the velocity penalty. Higher quality cloaks have a reduced velocity penalty, and there are other ways to over come them. The smartest thing to do in most case is to single-cycle an MWD toward the gate before activating the cloak. Point is: Cloaks + Gates = a must when traveling

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Can you expand upon this? I have two goals to answer.

  1. Without cloak, you just need to approach gates at odd angles to avoid bubbles?
  2. With cloak…the gankers SHOULD litter their bubble with trash to forcibly decloak you?

Pay me the 0.02 isk in the game then! :slight_smile:

Cuz that would be class (will screenshot).

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1 You can avoid bubbles or go through them - you will not be decloaked just because you touch or go in a bubble. A bubble is not considered a solid object that would decloak you.

2 In theory, but bubbles are so big that the space junk is only littered in common line of sights of warping and around gates

Question one is more in line with having no cloak. And so I’m basically asking if to minimize risk you HAVE to change your trajectory. Nothing else is as certain and even that is not certain if the gate campers prepare for that contingency?

Follow-up question, does systems slowing down your velocity affect you if cloak or require targeting?

Correct. Specifically, what most people do is if they want to warp the commonly taken path from A to B, they’ll first jump from A to C and then from C to B in order to approach the destination from an unusual angle where the bubble and/or space junk is unlikely to be present

Not sure what you mean exactly but it suffices to say that unless your ship uses covert cloaks or specifically says it does not suffer the penalty (or actually gains a bonus like Black Ops ships) then you will suffer the velocity bonus as indicated in the attributes tab of non-cover cloaks

Actually that answers it perfectly.

So the bubble’s going to basically kill you if you’re not cloaked. I’m trying to understand this but I think I undertand this site better now: Bubble Mechanics

The process of oblique angles is to avoid the drag.

But, with a cloak it’s less of a concern, because the drag doesn’t decloak and you can hobble your way to the gate.

But, if they scatter trash on normal paths, you’ll get bounced and decloak.

So best = cloak + oblique angle.

Moderate = no cloak + oblique angle.

Stupid = no cloak + and normal trajectory.


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If you want something bad enough, are bubbles just too expensive to set-up 4 or 5 at the odd angles too?

Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.

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Be Alpha

Actually they are not. You have deployable bubbles (as you would mobile depots or mobile tractor units) in addition to Interdictor destrorys and Heavy Interdictor Cruisers.

Seems you got some good time on the gun…

Do you see those more thorough set-ups much? or not often at all?

If you’re going to score big, you need to plan in advance :wink:

Great, I just like knowing my ability to be a tactician is in the right direction. I know I won’t be inventing any wheels here…but it’s good to know that I can predict your answer :slight_smile:

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